Monday, 24 February 2014

LIFE | The advantages of insomnia...

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Having gotten up for the umpteenth time in the night for a bladder break,  I looked at my phone and saw it was just gone 3am. I got back into bed, tossed and turned for a bit then found myself reading blog posts and pregnancy articles from about 3.30 onwards. When you have time to lay there and think, you remember things you wanted to read about during the day - in my case, the pregnancy stuff you still aren't sure about - and being awake at that hour means plenty of time to lay there and read the results thoroughly until it all makes more sense (if anything makes sense at that hour!).

Being used to the late in pregnancy insomnia that sometimes blights my sleep, it actually doesn't bother me so much now. I used to get frustrated to the point of tears when I couldn't get back to sleep and I am sure I will now and again when I am exhausted and desperate for some shut eye but when I find myself wide awake now, it seems to be the best time to organise my thoughts. Also, some days I just rest and not so much gets done, not even reading baby books or washing so being up early with a cuppa can buy me some time to catch up on the things that haven't been done before tiredness kicks back in and I need a nap.

As sad as it sounds too, I quite enjoy sometimes just laying there. I have slowed my over active mind down into 'relax mode' and am reminding myself that if I can't sleep it doesn't matter because I am not working now and if needed, I can catch up in the day. Just laying in a comfortable position relaxed is good enough.

It is also quite nice to lay cuddled up to hubby too as what with his marathon training and my huge bump making most positions in bed or on the sofa uncomfortable we don't tend to have too much time for lazing around together now..... (bye bye hazy days of leisurely 'us' time! It was great, we will remember you fondly!)

With an early morning get up, I find by 9am I have been shopping, tidied and done any washing I have needed to do. The rest of the day is mine to read, watch crappy TV and sleep. With not very long left in my pregnancy at all now, I am taking advantage of doing those things before I no longer can. Sad as it sounds this makes me very happy!

Sure, I am now carrying around a rather fetching set of eye bags but hey, you can never have too many bags right?

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  1. I also suffer from lack of sleep. I lie there and plan blog posts!!
    SilverSpoon London


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