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Thursday, 27 February 2014

LIFE | Making me happy this week....

The Sunshine
Yesterday I went out with just a jumper on (well and jeans, otherwise that would be odd!) and I wasn't cold in the slightest, it was lovely. So much so that when they mentioned on TV last night, Friday could bring the 'S' word I was shocked. Please don't snow! It is March Eve tomorrow and we want to see more of the yellow ball in the sky, we have seen enough grey for now!

My Mum 
She has been popping over lots just for an hour here or there or to bring me food to make lunch and it has been really nice. She has enjoyed being able to spend some leisurely time together just us before baby arrives and so have I. Even though I am enjoying resting and making the most of getting lots of sleep I have of course enjoyed having her company.

Our House Bunnies
Having pets for company is such an amazing thing. If you're not an animal lover or don't have pets you may not get that but it really is! Rabbits obviously don't make any sound (which is quite nice!) but they have the best little personalities and are great company to have while I am at home during the day.

Last Minute Details
Everything is pretty much in place ready for the arrival of our first baby. There is the odd bit of sorting out needed in the nursery which we will do on Saturday but that is it. We are also finally having the paint job in our hall finished off so it will look all pretty professional after our clumsy attempt! Its the little things but they make you happy!

Having last minute 'pre baby' visits from friends has been a lovely way to fill a morning or afternoon. It is always great to see your friends. I have also received lots of texts or tweets from friends to see how I am which is touching. Nothing makes you feel more special then knowing somebody is thinking about you.

Keeping Organised
Sad as it sounds, this really does make me happy. Keeping on top of household things such as washing and housework means it isn't too much of an effort and if there is a day where I am particularly suffering or just feel very tired due to a bad nights sleep then it isn't the end of the world if nothing gets done because I have kept on top of it. I know that will change once baby is here too so I am just enjoying the control while I can!

Reading Books
It is reassuring to get information from good parenting books recommended to you by friends or family. Once you get used to being a parent you will establish how you want to raise your baby and what type of parent you want to be but since reading my latest book (The Baby Whisperer) I have found myself feeling a little less daunted by it all.

Eating Well 
Over the last couple of months I have been fully back into the swing of how I usually eat when not pregnant. Healthy, little and often. Don't get me wrong, there is still sugar in my tea at the mo and I indulge in chocolate now and then but I have really been trying to curb my sweet cravings now my pregnancy is coming to an end. I know dried fruit is sugary but I have found a handful of that is good for sugar cravings and my thoughts are that it is better eating a little handful of naturally dried fruit than a chocolate bar.

Planning Ahead
People keep asking me if I am excited about baby's arrival which of course I am but right now I would say I am more anxious. A great way to make myself fell less anxious is plan ahead. Think to that time in a few months where I won't be able to remember not being a mum and when the days are longer and warmer and we can go out for lovely walks or have little days out as family. The thought of going out the three of us fills me with so much happiness and makes me remember that it is only this first part that is scary - all of it is hard work but it becomes second nature (well, a bit more!).

Reading Blogs
I didn't always get the chance to read blogs while working and always felt bad, it is such an important part of the blogging world to read other peoples posts for various reasons. My main reason is that I love escaping in other peoples words and meeting other like minded bloggers who I can relate too so it has been nice to be able to spend time during the day reading blogs and commenting on posts I enjoy - especially as when I read them before on my phone I was unable to comment and spread the blog love!

What has been making you happy this week?

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