Wednesday, 19 February 2014

BEAUTY | Marc Jacobs Honey Shower Gel

I was recently sent the Marc Jacobs 'Honey' shower gel to try out and after having used it for over a week now, I thought it was the best time to share my thoughts.

First off, I love the packaging! I am a dream consumer in that I am attracted to bold colours and pretty packaging so the box it came in impressed me greatly. Yellow and black to represent the colour of the bee that makes the honey but in polka dot form and not stripes to avoid being too bold. The detail of the flower with yellow and black stripes is just enough to represent the faithful honey-maker.

My initial thoughts regarding the scent were that it would smell just like honey but even though I would say it is in the undertones of the product, the smell is not anything like I expected; it is fruity and fresh and perfect for coming into the warmer months as it is light and not overpowering. 

I used the shower gel alone in the evenings and could still faintly smell the scent on me when I went to bed so teamed up with the perfume this would be perfect were you going out and wanted a subtle fragrance that is going to last.

Marc Jacobs is obviously a well known designer and his products scream luxury! This shower gel is no exception really, a little bit of luxury while you're lathering up before or after a hard day! Overall I was impressed with this product, especially because the scent lasted, that is one of the most important jobs of a shower gel in my view! 

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