Sunday, 16 February 2014

SS14 Trends | Denim and T-Shirt Wishlist

The weather is grey and miserable and that is for us lucky ones who haven't had the horrendous storms battering at our houses. SS14 seems sooooo long away despite the fact that when we enter into March we will be a quarter of the way through the year already (scary!) so what better way to cheer ourselves up than by browsing the wonderful world wide web and building up an idea of what we want to be wearing when the warmer weather finally arrives? It certainly cheers me up somewhat!

There are quite a few trends that have already caught my eye on the high street or online so there will no doubt be a few of these posts gracing my blog over the next few weeks but for today, my first SS14 trends wishlist is all about denim and tee's! I love an oversized or statement tee whether it is worn with skinny jeans and converse or a skater skirt and heels. Denim is really hot this season in various forms - my favourite look for this is the 90's 'Mom Jean' look but I have found there is a something out there for everyone, whatever your taste!

Here are some items that have caught my eye this week:

Topshop MOTO Denim Babydoll Dress
MOTO Denim Babydoll Dress, Topshop £36

This cute babydoll dress from Topshop is ideal for when the warmer weather hits, it can be dressed down with flat sandals or dressed up with heels. Perfect for the long summer nights.

Topshop MOTO Vintage Borg Denim Jacket
MOTO Vintage Borg Denim Jacket, Topshop £58

I NEED this jacket in my life! Ever since I saw Zoella wearing one in one of her YouTube videos I have lusted after them and the more I see them out and about in shop windows the more I want one! This would be great to replace your heavy winter coat when we reach that point where you don't need to be wrapped up warm any more but there is still a chill in the air. Plus let's face it, we don't have the hottest of evenings here in Blighty do we? Especially once the sun has gone down!

River Island Oversized Denim Shirt
Mid Wash Oversized Raw Denim Shirt, River Island £35

I have a light wash, short sleeved denim shirt which is from Miss Selfridge (but I bought it off of Ebay) which I still love and I still think looks great but I have always wanted a darker one too though, not quite sure why! I think it looks that little bit smarter than a light wash one I guess. Plus this is long sleeved so also looks completely different to the one currently hanging in my wardrobe.

Topshop Mint Unicorn Tee by Boutique
Mint Unicorn Tee by Boutique, Topshop £28
I love this simple cute unicorn design and especially love the mint green colour, perfect for Spring and oh so girly! You could roll the sleeves up for a bit more of a unique look and tuck into high waisted jeans for a retro look too. Love it!

Topshop Beau Fleur Tee
Beau Fleur Slogan Tee, Topshop £15

This T-shirt is girly and casual, the ultimate slumber day tee where all you have planned is a long walk or a pub lunch with friends. Great for £15 too!

River Island Grey John Lennon Tee
Grey John Lennon print Oversized T-shirt, River Island £18

I have said it time and time again but I am a big lover of the rock n roll look and nothing looks better than an iconic tee. I love the Beatles so this oversized beauty from River Island is right up my street!

That's it for my current SS14 trends wishlist for now..... as always I end up having to shut my laptop before I get too carried away! What do you think of my picks? Are there any other denim looks or Tee's that have caught your eye for Spring?

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