Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day - Me and Him.

Valentines Day 2014

Good Morning! Happy Friday all and more importantly happy Valentines Day to all you love birds out there. If you celebrate today and spoil the one you love then I hope you have a gorgeous day and don't let the grey weather ruin any plans that you have. Alternatively if you are not celebrating this and are partaking in the event that celebrates my second love - London Fashion Week - then I hope you have an amazing time there too! I am not in the least bit jealous.....nope.......not at all.

So, Valentines Day eh? I have said it before on here but hubby and I don't celebrate it personally. It isn't that we are stingy or unromantic it's actually probably a little bit the opposite. I am quite lucky that hubby is very loving....he isn't soppy, just makes me feel very content so when this romantic day comes around I don't ever crave the need to feel special or feel appreciated.....whether that will be different once we are parents and have been married for ten years who knows! I don't think it will though, we are naturally quite open with our feelings whether it's good or bad. Please note that I'm not saying that the only people who like to celebrate this day are starved of affection either!! No no nooooo, I guess in my head it has always been the day for singles who like someone from afar. I know most now see it as a day for couples but I see it as a day for a secret admirer to take the plunge and let someone know they tickle their fancy, soppy eh? I just love that idea much more than a husband buying his wife roses! I love that today someone could receive a card from someone they secretly fancy and therefore find out that they fancy them too. Isn't that cute?!

As for us, I will cook us a yummy dinner to enjoy by candlelight which now seems to be a bit of a tradition every February 14th. We have a yummy shoulder of pork and I am going to make a rustic apple sauce, garlic roast potatoes and veg. Yum! It's all about the food for us, we love food!

Whatever your plans this Valentines Day I hope you have a good one! It isn't the be all and end all and if you are a bit glum that you haven't got a hot date tonight just remember it's pancake days in a couple of weeks! How can that not be an exciting thought?!

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