Friday, 28 March 2014

FASHION | River Island Floral Tea Dress

River Island, Nicki Kinickie

River Island, Nicki Kinickie

River Island, Nicki Kinickie

Nicki Kinickie

My first 'post pregnancy' OOTD post, how exciting! This River Island Floral Tea Dress appeared on my post only a couple of weeks ago - which you can read HERE - so I am extremely happy to already be fitting into it comfortably! 

I have about a stone I need to lose which I have already started to work on by going for short walks and I will increase that over time once I am 100% recovered but I already feel great and am hoping to be able to start exercising much more to get back in shape over the next couple of weeks,

This dress is so pretty and I loved wearing it this week. It was very cold the day I decided to put it on (What has happened to the weather?!) so I had to wear it with tights and a cardigan but that is the beauty about this dress, it is versatile depending on the weather! By the time I have lost the extra weight the weather should be warmer and I will be able to go bare legged in it without worrying about flashing my bum as currently it is is coming up a teensy bit too short. 

I finished off  the outfit with my chunky heeled boots which are the current favourites to wear! They were an Ebay purchase for around £23 including P&P (Just search 'Chunky Heeled Cut Out Buckle Boots).

I am very happy with how the dress looks, I am even happy with the extra stone I am carrying around, for once I have a reason to be a bit overweight! And after carrying around a 9lb baby I actually feel light as a feather!

What do you think of this dress? 
Have any other floral dresses caught your eye in SS14?


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