Tuesday, 11 March 2014

HEALTH | #CheckEmTuesday


In case you weren't aware today isn't just Tuesday, it is 'Check em Tuesday' named so to encourage us ladies to check our breasts and get to know how they feel and shape to be aware of any abnormalities that may occur in the future and find them early enough.

'CheckEmTuesday' is the brainstorm of the charity 'Coppafeel' who was founded by Kris who developed breast cancer at the very young age of 23 and now wants to raise awareness with younger women as well as those seen to be in the typical 'risk age group'. As Kris learnt,  it could happen to anyone so it is best to be safe and not sorry. 

It's quick and easy to check yourself, if you are not sure then just imagine your breast divided into four quarters and examine each part individually by rolling your palm and fingers across, keeping your hand as flat as possible. This is how my nurse has always told me to do it. If that doesn't make any sense or you want more information then check out the 'CoppaFeel' website where you can also read Kris's story in full.

It takes just a couple of minutes to check yourself and could save your life. It is also a great time to remind your partner he should be checking himself out too. If he isn't keen you could always suggest that you check each other which I am pretty sure he would happily oblige with..... just make sure you DO do the check before anything else occurs.....! ;)

CoppaFeel offer a free text service to remind you to check your bosoms in case you forget too! Check out their website right now HERE.

Happy grabbing!

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