Monday, 10 March 2014

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Yankee Candle Bunny Cake

I have developed a major obsession with Yankee Candles recently. I had avoided them for such a long time because of their price tag but started investing in the little sample candles or wax tarts which are only £1 and became hooked! They smell amazing and even though they are small they still continue to smell up until they have been used up.

Asda sell a 'Simply Home' Yankee Candle which are £8 for a small jar and £13 for a large jar so next I invested in one of these and again was impressed. The wick lit really easily - sounds silly but this doesn't always happen with candles especially after being burnt a lot - and they filled the living room with a gorgeous scent. My favourite is 'Fruity Melon' as I do love sweet, fresh or sweet smells. I like a strong smell from my air fresheners or candles so feel the stronger the scent when the candle is unlit the better, which the fruity candles seem to provide. Because there is such a variety though, you can choose a more subtle scent for your home if that is what you prefer.

At the weekend I took the ultimate plunge and invested in a proper PROPER Yankee Candle, one of their limited edition Easter scents 'Bunny cake'. I bought the large jar which was £19.99 - a lot some might say for a candle but I do have high hopes for this baby! It smells AMAZING! Sweet and yummy just like a delicious cake and I love that it is pink (and bunny themed).

The saddo in me can't bring myself to light it just yet, I have another candle which is half way through burning so I am using that up first and will start on my bunny cake after when hopefully I won't feel so precious about it! I am terrible for new purchases whether it be new shoes or a new vase. I kind have to 'get over it' before it gets used (please tell me I am not alone in this).

I will update my thoughts on this candle once its had its maiden burn via Instagram or Twitter (or both) so if you're interested and want to follow you can find me by searching @NickiKinickie.

In the meantime let me know your thoughts on Yankee Candles. Do you think they live up to the hype and are worth the price tag?

It seems to have the bunny seal of approval at least! 



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