Monday, 17 March 2014

LIFE | Boring Shiz you should know to save money!

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This is just a quick little post to make you aware of a way you can save some pennies on every day household products just in case you weren't already clued up.

It isn't the most glamorous of posts but I feel it is a helpful one! I hope you will agree!

It is mainly to do with cleaning products; I am talking washing detergent, washing up liquid, dishwasher liquids and even shampoo and conditioner. In this day and age, manufacturers are trying to get more product into less packaging firstly to help with the environment and secondly to help them save money. That means a lot of these cleaning products are now a lot more concentrated which means we need to be using a lot less. 

Sound simple? It is!

A lot of people still put far too much washing liquid or fabric conditioner in the wash because that is what they have always known (many may also associate it with making your clothes smell even more fresh) but I promise you, even on a big wash load just use a little squirt of each (I use about a 50p size amount) and your clothes will still be clean and fresh. It's the same with washing your dishes with washing up liquid or putting a liquid or powder in the dishwasher. Machines in the household today are so much more sophisticated and are made to perform just as well on short or cold washes, the cleaning products are sophisticated too. Another important point is that it will actually cause damage to your machines if you use too much cleaning product in them because of how sophisticated they and the products we put in the them are so by using less you are not only making your purchases last longer, you are prolonging the life of your machines.

The same theory works for washing your hair. The more product you use on your hair the more damage you actually do. Just a small amount is needed to clean your hair thoroughly  - trust me this is true, my hair is long down my back and thick and I still use a small blob of shampoo.

I recommend checking the labels on cleaning products you buy to check if they are concentrated as you will probably find you can use a lot less of a lot of things! Saves you money in the long run in both products and repairs!

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