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Friday, 14 March 2014

SS14 | Post Pregnancy Outfits #1

ASOS, River Island, Topshop, Nicki Kinickie

Any day now my life will change forever and there will be a new addition to our little.family. I will be knee deep in babygros, trying to master the perfect routine with poo on my head whilst trying to figure out how the pram closes.

Motherhood is calling!

Aside from all the important things, at some point I will also be wanting to get back into my old clothes. I have been lusting over my pre pregnancy jeans and dresses for so long now and am looking forward to going back to walking not waddling and being able to turn over in bed without it being a military operation.

Being a big fashion fan I decided that as an incentive to help me get back to my post pregnancy size (and as a little pick me up on any days I find myself getting nervous about either the birth or impending motherhood) I would invest in some new items for the new seasons ahead, that way I would be even more eager to shape up as I now have pretty things hanging in my wardrobe that still have their tags on and are calling out to be worn.

Don't get me wrong, I am not naive. My body has never been springy and my tum has never been flat so I fully expect it to take me a while to achieve this. I know my body will be different afterwards but there is no harm in setting yourself goals.

I previously mentioned I was lucky enough to receive gift vouchers for Christmas which I used towards these new togs as well as saving a little bit of money in order to splurge once the baby's bits and bobs were all bought and hospital bag was all prepared and ready! All in all I bought ten new items of clothes so rather than publish a long old post I thought it best to split it in two in order to keep YOU, my dear reader, interested!

Here are the first five:

Asos, Aztec Print, Midi

ASOS Midi Aztec Print Dress

I bought this waaaay back in the January sale and it was reduced to just £8! I love ASOS sales! I believe the RRP was around £25 - £28 - sorry I don't remember exactly now - but what I loved was the cut of the dress and length of the skirt. I love midi length skirts and dresses anyway but it is a popular length for SS14 so that works out to be even more of a bonus! I expected it to be a T-Shirt type material dress but it is actually thicker which I was pleasantly surprised with. It is also nice and stretchy. I look forward to wearing it with summer sandals and ankle boots on cooler days.

River Island, Cold Shoulder, T-shirt, Dress

River Island Phoenix Cold Shoulder T-Shirt Dress

You may remember this from a previous wish list POST of mine, after a long while umming and ahhing about it I decided to purchase! I bought this online as it wasn't available at either of my local stores and when it arrived my first thought was 'It seems very short!' I have had a bump for so long I am not used to seeing clothes for normal people any more! haha. I held it up to my side and found it actually comes up at a respectable length, which a lot of dresses actually do once you put them on, I do think their length can seem a little deceptive when on a hanger. Anyway, this was £22 and I really like it! I am glad the 'cold shoulder' trend seems to be staying for now. 

River Island, Floral, Tea Dress

River Island Floral print Tea Dress

Another from one of my wish list POSTS.. There was no way I was letting this item pass me by, I love it! I love that it is a flattering shape and really girly. I will of course wear with ballet pumps on summer days or ankle boots on autumn days with a chunky cardy. The material is lovely and stretchy too which again is a bonus and I love the 'puffy' sleeves. Most of all - for me- it is a key wardrobe staple too. RRP £25.

Topshop, Chunky Knit, Pastel, Jumper

Topshop Pink Chunky Knit Jumper

I love knitwear, I am obsessed. I have more jumpers in my wardrobe than I sometimes realise. Nonetheless, I felt I needed a new piece to add to my collection. The colour is bang on trend in pastel pink but even long after the pastel trend has disappeared I will be rocking this baby. It will look cute over a shirt or even over a dress on a summer evening spent in the garden. RRP: £36

Topshop, Gingham, Treggings,

Topshop Gingham Treggings

I am quite nervous about these! Treggings - if you don't know - are a cross between leggings and trousers so are comfy and stretchy however, again being so used to rocking a big bump I can't help but look at these and think 'EEEEK, how will I fit into them?!' If I get into these I will super happy.....they will look great with another of this seasons big trends - loafers! RRP: £28

That is it for now, I will round up my 'post pregnancy' buys next week, in the meantime  - what do you think of my purchases??



  1. Ooh I love that midi dress - gutted you got it so long ago haha I'd have loved to snap one up! It looks like it'll be lovely and cool for warmer days. You must be so excited to have your little one here soon :) best of luck for when he/she arrives xx

    1. I know it was a bargain find sorry!! Yes very excited thanks hun just waiting amd waiting now! :) xx

  2. wow I love everything in both posts!! I did the same whilst I was pregnant and unfortunately whilst ive lost some weight,my shape has changed so clothes styles that suited me before dont seem to now! I hated the waiting game, especially as it was during the heat wave and I was too hot to do anything but sit in my underwear!!

    1. You poor thing, I can't imagine being pregnant in the summer! I got hot enough carrying the extra weight around during winter. I have a bit of weight to lose and my tum to tone but so far I am impressed with how my body looks.....belly is a bit wobblier than before but hopefully once I get back to my pre pregnancy weight I will hopefully be the same shape! Keep analysing my hips though and feeling that they look wider! :/ xx


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