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Monday, 21 April 2014

LIFE | 100 things every 90s kid will remember.

1) Ren and Stimpy.
2) Saturday mornings were all about Live and Kicking.... then later on SMTV live (Chums!)
3) Putting hundeds of multi coloured butterfly clips in your hair... having twisted it all back into hundreds of sections.
4) Coffee shimmer or Heather shimmer lipstick.
5) Blue eyeshadow and blue eyeliner... and blue mascara come to think of it.
6) Hair mascara.
7) Clarissa Explains it all.... then later on Sabrina the teenage witch.
8) Oasis vs Blur - which were you?
9) Britpop.
10) Eastenders was good.
11) You only had four TV channels (unless you were lucky enough to have sky) and you remember when channel 5 was launched.
12) The Spice Girls ruled not just the music charts but every merchandising opportunity going.
13) Jarvis Cocker storming the stage during Michael Jacksons performance of 'Earth Song' at the Brits.
14) Going to see 'Titanic' umpteen times at the cinema.... and 'My heart will go on' being number one for weeks and WEEKS.
15) Billie Piper was just known as Billie and played her songs loud cos she wanted to.
16) Adidas popper tracksuit bottoms.
17) Reebok classics.
18) Friday night TV was all about 'FRIENDS'.
19) Kickers.
20) Puffer coats.

21) Payphones were everywhere as only businessmen had mobile phones and they only cost 10p to use.
22) A can of coke was 40p.
23) Learning the dance moves to various cheesey pop songs....mostly by Steps... 5,6,7,8!
24) Baddiel and Skinner and their awesome football song "3 Lions" - THE best football song everrr.
25) Chumbawumba.
26) Platform trainers.
27) The 'Rachel' haircut.
28) The Big Breakfast.... whatever happened to carpet monster?
29) Zig and Zag.
30) Zig Zag partings.
31) Double denim....everything denim!
32) Watching endless music channels all day, every day in the holidays.
33) Hipsters.
34) Body glitter.
35) Keenan and Kel....who loves orange soda?
36) Saved by the Bell, Sister Sister.
37) Starburst were called Opal Fruits.
38) Oil of Olay was called Oil of Ulay.
39) Tab Clear (clear Coca Cola)
40) Trev and Simon.

41) Taping the charts on a Sunday using a cassette player and trying to pause before the DJ started talking over the top.
42) Pearlised nail varnish.
43) Dawsons Creek.
44) Babylon Zoo being number one for weeks and weeks with 'Spaaaaaacemaaannnn, I always wanted you to gooooo into Spaaaaacemaaaannnn' - where are they now?!
45) Neck chokers.
46) Sex on the beach was also a song.
47) Smash Hits and TOTP magazines.
48) Wearing upper arm bracelets.....so cool.
49) I want you... cos I'm Mr Vain.
50) Saturday Night ni ni ni na ni na ni na....
51) The pob (posh spices bob).
52) When Ant and Dec were PJ and Duncan.
53) Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.
54) Mr Blobby had a number one hit and Noels House Party' was THE Saturday night TV programme.... Remember the big pork pie!??
55) Reality TV didn't exist.
56) Combat trousers and vest tops became super cool thanks to the All Saints (with yellow tinted glasses and Kangol hats!).
57) Beavis and Butthead.
58) 2point4 Children.
59) Red Dwarf.
60) Dream Phone (every girl had one or wanted one!) 

61) You remember when the red car and the blue car had their original race.
62) You had a Sega Megadrive or Nintendo and if your game cartridge didn't work when you put it in you would take it out and blow it then put it back in again.
63)  Video tapes....and the agg of having to rewind them..... and the devastation when the video player chewed them up!
64) Ducktales.
65) Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers.
66) Collecting Trolls.
67) Jeans were high waisted and stone washed until about 1998.
68) Veet was called Imaac.
69) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
70) Biker Mice from Mars.
71) At the bottom of the garden were the Poddington Peas.
72) When the internet finally became a common household commodity it was dial up....and super slow.... and meant nobody could use the house phone.
73) The house phone was your entire life.
74) Stretch Armstrong.
75) My little Pony.
76) Playing Run Outs.
77) Fun House with Pat Sharpe....how cool was that game show?!
78) Finders Keepers.
79) Art Attack.
80) Trio chocolate bars.

81) Push Pops and Ring Pops.
82) Pogs.
83) 'Shag' bands.
84) The Fast Show....... Scorchio!
85) The X Files....the truth is out there!
86) Watching 'Play Days' - sooo wanted to go on the play bus. 
87) Geri's union jack dress.
88) Reading Goosebumps or Point Horror books.
89) Burger Kings 'Kids Club' and Ronald McDonald.
90) Goof Troop.
91) You begged and begged to be allowed to play outside (and sulked if you weren't allowed and could hear all the other kids playing) and when you did play outside you did so until it was dark.
92) If you wanted to know the lyrics to a song you prayed they were printed in the CD case booklet.
93) Owning a tamagotchi.
94) Owning a walkman.
95) Learning the macarena.
96) Beanie babies.
97) The millennium bug.
98) All the words to the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' theme.
99) Saying 'NOT' after pretty much every sentence.
100) Exactly where you were when you learned that Princess Diana had died.

Time passes by so quickly, things change even quicker. Before you know it you are remembering a  time gone by when you hadn't even realised things had changed.

Cherish every moment.

*Photo sources: Pinterest


  1. So many things I remember here. Re number 86, my sister was on Play Days, she was on a show with the Peggy Patch stop though, not the bus.

    1. Im so jealous! I loved that programme. My fave was the tent stop :) xx

  2. Aww brings back good memories!! :)

    1. It was mad what I could remember once I had got going! Xx

  3. Carpet Monster is in serious trouble now


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