Tuesday, 15 April 2014

LIFE | A little gift from Grandad...

Over the weekend, my mother in law and sister in law decided to have a good bedroom clear out (spring clean and all that) and while doing so came across a whole load of goodies they had forgotten about. One particular find proved to be suitable for Savannah from both a poignant and practical point of view.

They discovered a pair of 1980s original Nike hi top baby trainers which almost certainly belonged to Patrick when he was little. I say 'almost certainly' as they could have been his brothers, his mum isn't 100% sure but what is most important about the find (apart from them being super cool!!!) is that they were bought by Patrick's dad, Savannah's late grandad. In a round about way they are a gift from him which makes them all the more special. When she is big enough, she can rock the retro kicks to the max and then when they get too small they can be put somewhere in her room on display to remind us all of who bought them, including Savannah.

Pretty cool huh?

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