Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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Lunch out, Cheeseboard, Nicki Kinickie

Lunch, Dessert, Nicki Kinickie

Crumble, Dessert, Nicki Kinickie

Last week we took our gorgeous little girl out for her first proper social occasion when we met up with good friends for lunch. We were so excited to firstly, get out of the house properly for something other than a mad dash to the shops or a walk and secondly, excited to take Savannah out properly. Admittedly, she did sleep throughout the whole experience but it is the being there that counts!

We went to the Dukes Head in Little Burstead (Essex) which isn't too far from us and serves AMAZING food (I mean bloody amazing). I have been there before for both lunch and dinner and every time the food has been delicious and the service brilliant, every member of staff seems to be very helpful and friendly and the pub itself is lovely. If you live nearby and haven't ever been there I recommend that you do! Tell them I sent you! (I'm just hoping they will give me a free steak sandwich if enough people go on my recommendation, it isn't because you will get some kind of special service). 

On this visit I had breaded chicken with salad and chips then for dessert a big cookie served with vanilla gelato. Dessert was the only course I actually took photos of mainly because when the mains came out I was too distracted chatting and being entertained by our friends 16 month old son but desserts are always what look the prettiest in pics aren't they? They are the course that we reeeeally wanna see! Just looking at photos of my dessert again is making me lick my lips.....

There is nothing quite like going for a yummy lunch with good friends. It was so nice to go out and catch up and of course EAT. (My favourite hobby). Now the longer evenings are returning and the weather seems to be getting nicer and warmer I am hoping lunches and dinners with friends become a more regular thing.

I am also looking forward to having dinner out in a summery conservatory at home too.....once we are in a better night time routine with Savannah!

In case you are curious the desserts are: (from top) Cheeseboard - had by both the boys. My cookie and gelato (NOM) and my lovely friend Tina's crumble and custard. 

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