Friday, 11 April 2014

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Hello all!

Firstly, many apologies for the fact that it has been a week since I last blogged, it hasn't been intentional but I haven't had the chance to even open up my laptop and I feel I have almost dropped off of the social media radar what with having only tweeted a pitiful once or twice a day. BLAME MOTHERHOOD.

I used to nod along and 'hmmm' in an understanding tone to any friends and family who were explaining just what new parenthood was like without really understanding, nodding along like a moron without realising what a hardship it really is. Oh how I know now! You never truly understand until you become a parent for yourself. Suddenly you forget to do the most simplest of things like eat or clean your teeth! For the last week I have resembled a tramp thanks to only having time to scrape my hair up quickly and shove my glasses on rather than take the extra couple of minutes and poke my lenses into my eye. As for my make up routine, ha! that's long forgotten.

That being said, right now I don't care. I could squeeze in the time to put on make up but I don't need to right now and to me, the most important thing is to learn how to be a good mother to my new daughter. Every day is a new learning curve! Some days she is grisly and grotty all day and it gets to a point you hope her wailing will send you deaf just for some peace and quiet. Some days she is perfectly happy and content. Either way she is a pleasure whether I am finishing the day grisling louder than her or finishing the day relaxed and content.

FYI being a parent is bloody hard work, for me the worst bit is most definitely the broken sleep. I don't think I will ever get used to it! That initial moment of waking up because of hearing her stir makes me want to cry: 'My pillow is oh so comfy pleeeeeease don't make me get up!' It's all part of the job though and once I am up I am awake. It isn't forever either, one day (next week?) she will hopefully sleep through the night and peace will once again be restored.

It is mad to think she will be four weeks old on Saturday, in some ways it has flown by and in others it feels as though she has been with us a lot longer. It is so true that once you have a child you can't imagine life without them. Even in those moments where you are at the end of your tether because they are crying and you have no idea why.

I don't mind if trying to squeeze in a quick shower has become like a military operation rather than an enjoyment like it used to be, I don't mind having baby sick on my shoulder, I even don't mind the disrupted sleep (well, deep deep down) nor do I mind if it takes me an hour and a half to make myself a cup of coffee. Being a mum is amazing and the more she grows the more enjoyment I will get and the more I will be able to see all our hard work in bringing her up paying off (until she becomes a teenager of course).

Once I have become an expert in juggling motherhood and every day life then things should be a little bit calmer. I should be able to organise my time - actually my life - a lot better and be on top of feeding baby as I apply lippy and blog all whilst drinking my coffee (made in 2 minutes obvs!).

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  1. Massive congratulations my love xxx

  2. Congratulations Nicki!! These are such precious times, I love that you're enjoying them. I can't believe my baby boy is 8 months now and is trying to stand. It really does go quickly and your baby girl will be saying mama and making your heart melt before you know it. Cherish each moment. x


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