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LIFE | The Virgin London Marathon 2014

The Excel Centre in London on Friday 11th April where we went for the day to collect his marathon number.
Patrick signing the giant lettering with his marathon message. 

Patrick's message for his dad Terry. 

This post is going up much later than I intended it to!

The marathon was already over two weeks ago now but as you will have noticed I am not quite up to speed on juggling a new born and blogging yet. I have mastered doing things one handed very quickly; making tea, making babies bottles, answering the phone, feeding.the bunnies, putting on a wash all while holding a baby in one arm but while she is still new and needs to know I am there it is hard to get the laptop out to write. Especially because you need time to find the right words and then of course proof read. You need quiet time. You need a calm and clear mind. By the time my hubby gets home and I have done dinner and whatever else I am normally quite exhausted. I will get there though and find a good time to fit my blog in properly so it isn't being neglected like it has been lately!


On Sunday 13th April 2014 my hubby Patrick ran his first London Marathon, a whole 26.2 miles! It was a hot day which was lovely for us spectators but sadly not for the runners in fact for them, it made the challenge much much harder. If you have ever run on a sunny day you will understand, I am not a pro runner but know that when I have run I have always preferred it to be a cold or even rainy day. Running in the sunshine is torture.

The whole day was brilliant! It is the first time I have been to watch the marathon up town and it was such a great day out. The atmosphere was amazing; crowds and crowds of people all in good spirits enjoying the sunshine and a beer, cheering on their loved ones taking part and all the strangers that run beside them. I was so anxious the whole day, I didn't relax until I knew he had crossed the finish line and we were on our way to go and meet him. As soon as I gave him a congratulatory hug and breathed him in, all was ok with the world again. Despite my nerves, it was still a wonderful day, if not a teensy bit tiring!

He completed the marathon in five and a half hours. I am so so proud of him.

He wasn't happy with his time which I think is crazy. It was his first marathon, his first time running with crowds of people and running in such hot weather. His first challenge. There are so many people - like me - who will never ever attempt, let alone complete a marathon and he has done it and got the t-shirt - literally! - and he keeps wearing it!!

As you will know if you follow me on Twitter he was running to raise money for St Lukes Hospice in Basildon, Essex in memory of his dad Terry who sadly lost his battle with cancer there nearly seven years ago. What with running the marathon AND with the fundraiser event he held last Friday, he has raised over £2200 and counting!

I am so proud of him.

He is already signed up for next years and not only that, it has inspired his brother and fiancée to do the same!

In the meantime though, he is now training for the London to Paris bike ride which takes place in July, again, to raise money for St Lukes. He is either a saint or insane! You decide.....

If you want to donate, every penny helps and we are grateful for every donation -

Thank you so sooo much!

Patrick at the 22nd mile, nearly at the end of his marathon run!

HE DID IT! Patrick just after, where we met him in Trafalgar Square....just a little bit emosh!

Me, My amazing hubby and his well deserved medal.


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  1. Well done Patrick, you did yourself and your Dad proud! x


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