Monday, 5 May 2014

BEAUTY | New hair.

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For ages I have really wanted a change with my hair, I mean a good few months now but just hadn't got round to booking anything until this week.

Many people were surprised I wanted to get rid of the dip dye look because they liked it, but I had had it for well over a year now and felt I needed something new. It felt drab and lifeless. 

A bit of a refresh was needed. 

My natural colour has long since been growing through and is a lot darker than it was when I was younger and I really like it so thought for ease I would have it dyed as near to that colour as possible, mainly because I want low maintenance hair for now. I have noticed a few greys peeking through so want to cover them up while at the same time have a colour that won't produce obvious roots in a months time. I also think that even though I like my natural colour, having it professionally dyed gives it a whole new warmth and lease of life.

So here we are. New tresses. 

It needs a cut so that's next on the hair agenda but for now I am extremely happy to have had a revamp and extremely happy with the results.

What do you think?

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  1. Look great!!

  2. The darker colour really suits you :) I keep thinking about going back to my natural colour but I'm not quite ready to part with ginger hair just yet haha xx

  3. so pretty! and love the color too! it pops your eyes!


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