Saturday, 17 May 2014

FRIENDSHIP | The disappearing act.

I would assume I am right in guessing that we have all experienced those friendships where one minute you are inseparable; you can't imagine life without that person and go to them for everything be it advice or company on a last minute shopping trip and then in a heartbeat it has been six months and you haven't spoken to them.

No reason. No fallout. You just no longer speak.

Isn't it weird?

I once was told by a tarot card reader that friends who come into your life, become your life and then disappear as quickly as they came into it are only there for a particular purpose at that specific time and when they disappear again it means they have fulfilled that purpose and fate has moved them on again. This man told me not to feel sad about friendships that had come and gone but happy I had been lucky enough to experience them at all.

I can understand this theory actually and being quite spiritual can believe it too. It doesn't have to be a big purpose, it could be something like they helped you find the job you have now been in for five years and are extremely successful in. It could be they were around to help you through that particularly bad break up.

When I look back on friendships that have been so significant at one point and now are gone it does seem like it was another life and like I was another person. In your late teens and early twenties I think it is normal to have transitions in friendships, you're still trying to figure out who you are and what you want from life. Maybe you're enjoying the single life or looking for a special someone to build a future with but chances are at that age you are not with the person you will end up spending the rest of your life with. Meeting that special person that you eventually do spend your life with changes everything again and changes you as a person too.

It is sad to think that we once had a friend who we couldn't live without who you now don't know anything about; whether or not they are married, have children or even if they're still living in the UK. Especially when there is no reason for you to not be talking any more other than 'life got in the way'. 

The same could be said for ex boyfriends and girlfriends though. Although chances are there is a bigger reason why you aren't talking to them.......


  1. This rings particularly true for me at the moment, but that being said friends that are only in your life for a fleeting time, sometimes reveal friends that you know you are going to stay close to. (:

    1. So true. I know that I am settled in my life and it will pretty much be like this from now on and so the friends I have now are the ones I will have from now on most likely. My 20's have been so up and down and some parts of it seem like a different life now so it makes sense the friends I had in those different lives I don't see any more. Have great memories though!! :)

      Thanks for reading and sorry for the slow reply!! xx

  2. Great post Nicki, huh, strangely enough I was thinking about the same thing - old friendships - just this past week, so I definitely get what you're saying! For some reason, I haven't thought about it in the way you mentioned that person told you about, thinking about it now though, I really really like that idea...! it's so strange having such a close friend for so long and then somehow, overtime, just both moving on with your own lives and drifting apart, but I'd like to think that they still remember some of the awesome memories that I do :)

    Wow, kinda made me a bit nostalgic there haha really great post, thanks for writing it!

    1. Aw thanks hun! Glad you enjoyed and glad there is another person who thinks about things deeply like me sometimes!

      It can be kinda bittersweet remembering old times and old friends. Memories are amazing! And it really is a lovely way to look at old friendships you no longer have, it's how I definitely look at them now!

      Sorry for slow reply!!



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