Wednesday, 7 May 2014

LIFE | Bank Holiday Feast AKA The Last Supper.

To finish off the bank holiday (and mark the very last day for any naughty eating) we had a little three course feast at home! We both love our food, in fact we are fatty's but now that hubby has is bike and is training for the London to Paris Bike Ride in July and I am working to lose weight and get in shape we have both said we need to really change our eating habits. Neither of us believe in diets, it's about being sensible with what you eat. Our downfall isn't always what we eat it's how much of it we eat. Our portion sizes can be big and hubby is VERY well known for going back for seconds.....and thirds if possible.

He is lucky though, he is a man and even when he eats crap he still loses weight now because of all his training. HUMPH! That's why it's me who has put my foot down and said we both need to eat cleaner.


We had a delicious three courses and they weren't big portions either so we didn't feel as though we had pigged out.

Our starters were mussels in a cream and white wine sauce which was devine! I hold my hands up now and admit that these were shop bought and not home made, my hubby spotted them and was desperate to try them as if they are ever on a menu when we go out he always opts for them!

For the mains I did a nice summer inspired dish; I roasted a chicken in paprika, garlic and olive oil, grilled some home made wedges in lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and a little dried oregano and roasted a red pepper and half an onion. Once all cooked I threw them altogether on the plate and it was yummy! A perfect dinner for a summer evening.

For dessert I made nutella and choc chip brownies which we ate with ice cream. I served them up a bit too quick and they were still soft so crumbled in the bowls but they tasted goooood so we didn't care!

Now it is all back to my tried and testing eating method of 'little and often'. It is so true that it really does help you lose weight (well I have found).The cupboards are stocked with natural nuts and dried fruit, we have fresh fruit, salad and veg as well as houmous and wholemeal pitta, all perfect for grabbing quick snacks and making yummy and healthy lunches.

Next time you see me, you won't be able to see me! ha...

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Thank you!

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