Friday, 2 May 2014

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COFFEE! Oh my god I need it, I am currently looking into having it fed to me through a drip while I sleep! We don't have a coffee machine despite how much we love coffee....we really should get one! But have recently started buying Nescafe Azera which is yummy! If you're a coffee fan and haven't tried it, go buy!

BUNNIES: They have been a bit neglected in the attention and loving department of late and I am now trying to make up for it in the evenings by giving them lots of bunny loving and cuddles so they know they're still wanted....even when they misbehave!

MOM JEANS: Great for if you're trying to hide extra weight you're carrying, a stylish way to hide a tum!

WALKS: So peaceful and such a great way to get out and about if I have no other plans that day. With the weather being warmer and brighter now too it makes it even more enjoyable. God I sound lame! (sorrynotsorry)

NETFLIX: We are quite new to having Netflix in this house and it is awesome. Lets be honest, we may now have access to 44765656 channels these days but there is naff all on them and Netflix is the answer. Amen.

DEODORANT: Cameron Diaz I ain't.

SMILES: Savannah really smiles, reacts and giggles now. It is amazing!

WHATSAPP: I've had it for yonks but love it the more I use it.

NUTELLA BROWNIES: I have perfected the recipe for these and you know the best part? There are only three ingredients! I will do a blog post and share it soon! yummmmmmm.

MAKING STUFF: I am really back in the swing of making pretty things to sell in my online shop! I am not doing it as quick as I would want as it has to be done in the evenings but I am getting there.

EYEBROWS: I get more and more obsessed with bushy brows the more I read about different treatments or styles - I want big brows!

INSTAGRAM: I love photos and this app never gets boring.

BBQ's: We have only had one little one so far but it has made me super excited for when the warm weather really kicks in and it's BBQ a go go!

CONVERSE BOOTIES: 2 pairs for £10! Savannah looks super cool in hers.

CORAL: Not the betting shop.....the colour! Coral nails....Coral dresses....Coral lips.....everything!

STOMACH CRUNCHES: When I get a chance to do them! Determined to get rid of this tum!

Have a fab bank holiday weekend!!

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Thank you!

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