Friday, 2 May 2014

LIFE | Dinner with the girls.

Life Blog, dinner with the girls, Nicki Kinickie
My yummy battered mushroom starter.

On Tuesday night I went out with my two closest girlfriends for a much needed night out talking about girly, grown up stuff.

It. Was. Lovely.

You appreciate nights out such as this even more being a new parent (and parent in general actually) so I had been reeeeeally looking forward to it.

We went to a little pub near me for a bite to eat as the girls wanted to able to collect me so I could have a drink with dinner if I was just what the doctor ordered! I got a bit dressed up and put on some heels and lippy. I used to wear make up all the time but some days I don't get the chance to even brush my hair! So if I don't need to put a face on I don't always bother.....after a couple of days I feel frumpy though and because of this have become skilled in applying make up one handed and very quickly!

We of course talked about babies what with two out of the three of us being mums now but we also talked about men, make up, work, life and our younger party days (which seem a gazillion years ago right now). 


I do love my girls; we can all chat about anything and everything no matter what and never judge each other or pass comment other than to offer support or advice. We all laugh at the same thing despite actually being quite different on the surface and we all have our own key role in the friendship. We always have so much to say that even if we have gone a while without seeing eachother we jump back into conversation straight away as if we are just carrying on from where we left off. We get to a point where we talk over one another! But none of us care.

I do love a girly night with the besties and I look forward to the next time! 

Life Blog, dinner with the girls, Nicki Kinickie
Aaaaaaand my yummy salmon main course.

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