Thursday, 15 May 2014

LIFE | This Week.

We have had a new bathroom fitted and actually have a BATH now rather than just a shower.... I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I have so many Lush bath items I can now finally use and not 'make do' with using in the shower. It looks swish and so much lighter and brighter in there too now but best of all, Savannah can now have a proper bath and not just make do in a plastic one.

Savannah had her 8 week jabs! I was a bit nervous (OK a lot nervous) but it is of course very important! I just wish you were able to explain that to them but sadly all they see is some lady proding something sharp and painful into their legs.

Hubby has upped his bike ride training and this weekend is going for an 80 mile  - YES 80 MILE - bike ride. Cue the John Wayne walk....

The weather is set to be lovely again at the weekend so I plan on starting tidying up the garden, it really needs it! I want to make it lovely and neat and tidy plus get rid of a few things and buy some lovely accessories for it.

I FINALLY have Skype back on my phone so have been able properly catch up with my mother in law and she has been able to see Savannah too. Chatting face to face makes such a difference! (And one of the bunnies has chewed through the house phone wire AGAIN).

I am eating well and exercising but not losing any weight. It's getting depressing now! Waaaahhh.Next week I try yoga for the first time despite having no co-ordination and not being very bendy, wish me luck!

Savannah is sleeping through the night! I don't want to jinx it but she is! And going to bed a lot easier it seems; she is in a day routine now too with naps etc which is making a difference. Last night she slept from 8pm - 6am solidly! It is so nice to have unbroken sleep again, I wasn't sleeping well at the end of my pregnancy so it feels like forever ago I had some decent shut eye. (I am firmly touching wood as I type this!).

I have been having a massive sort out and putting stuff on ebay but I am really not impressed with that site anymore, you don't seem to make as much as you used to and the fees are silly. I think this will be the last time I use it for selling! 

Because the weather has been nice I have been going on lots of lovely walks around the village, I find myself saying things like 'lovely walks' these days, I'll wearing comfortable shoes next (the horror!) has been lovely though and it's good to get Savannah out in the fresh air and great exercise for me.

We met up with friends we made at the hospital who had a baby girl the same day I had Savannah. Their little girl is called Lexi and she is gorgeous! We had lunch last Saturday and are actually seeing them again this weekend which will be nice!

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