Friday, 9 May 2014

OOTD | MOM Jeans.

Topshop, MOM Jeans, Blogger, Fbloggers,

Topshop, MOM Jeans, Blogger, Fbloggers,

Topshop, MOM Jeans, Blogger, Fbloggers,

MOM Jeans! These are the ultimate 90's jeans! Or as my husband calls them; 'What an old man would wear to the supermarket' jeans. Whatevs.

I am a bit tummy concious in them as I am aware I still have a way to go weight loss and exercise wise but it is all going well and wearing items of clothing you love and want to look slightly better in is all good inspiration to keep going!

Anywayyy... There are loads of great looks you can create with these jeans; cropped tee and high tops (I wanted to do this look but it soooo didn't work for me!) An oversized or 'boyfriends' tee looks great tucked in them too. When the sun was shining I decided to keep it simple with a black vest top and my leopard print mid heels. Kind of reminded me of something Carrie from Sex and the City would wear when going for brunch with the girls (she would of course look a lot better!)

How have you been styling your MOM Jeans?

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Thank you!


  1. Looking fab darlin' xx

  2. You look great! Love your shoes too xx

  3. Check you out rocking this pair of jeans, not sure I would pull this look off - but looks fab on you! Xx

    1. Aw thanks hun and yes you could!!! do it....join the MOM club! :) xx


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