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Monday, 7 July 2014

FASHION | Key clothing items to take you from season to season.

The older I am getting, the more I am realising it is a brilliant idea to invest in pieces for your wardrobe that will never really go out of fashion, i.e. items that are more about style rather than being on trend. Purchasing your version of wardrobe staples is a guaranteed way of keeping your 'trend' outfits looking like they belong on you by mixing style items with fashion items and will also help you out in that dreaded moment of:

"I have nothing to weeeeeaaaarrrrrr"

It's great indulging in trends and fashion and all that but we seem to lost our 'genuine' love of clothes and just buy them on the cheap and throw them away. Once upon a time women bought outfits that they kept forever. Ask your nan and even your mum and I bet they have a few outfits older than you in their wardrobe.

Spend a bit of extra money and invest in some amazing key style items that represent you best and you will always have great go to items to revamp season after season. Not only that, you will totally nail YOUR individual look and YOUR individual take on trends season after season.

First off, you need to establish your 'look', are you sleek and keep to safe colours, straight hair and simple make up? Do you channel your inner 1940's housewife with curls and red lippy? Are you a tomboy at heart? For me, it will always be indie / rock chick I opt for. It is my favourite look and the one I channel most, time after time and year after year.

Once you know your look, you're ready to go!

Angelina Jolie, Little Black Dress, LBD
LBD: Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of a little black dress in a classic style and shape.

The little black dress.

Ahhhh the LBD. We all know about this wardrobe staple, it is probably the most well known of all wardrobe staples and is a great investment! Whether it is long sleeved or sleeveless, knee length or short, find a style that suits you best. Try and keep it quite classic and simple rather than a trend item although with a little black dress you will find most styles are quite classic. As trends come and go you can dress it up with different fashion jewellery, different styles of heel. Right now you can strap on your chunky 90's inspired heels which are bang on trend, next year? Who knows!!

*Photo Source: Getty

TOUGHEN UP: Sienna Miller wears a classic biker jacket to finish off her look.

Biker jacket / denim jacket.

I have a real leather biker jacket I bought from ASOS about five years ago for £100 and I wear it just as much now as when it was new. It is a classic biker jacket, no frills such as diamantes or fur or anything that makes it a fashion trend item and it goes with so much. I still love it! I also have an oversized  levi denim jacket and a regular sized denim jacket and wear both a lot. The oversized jacket is very popular at the moment and I think it will hang around for a while but no doubt will fall out of favour again. It will do the rounds again though so hang onto it, same as your regular denim jacket.

*Photo Source: glamourmagazine.co.uk

COMFY AND STYLISH: The Duchess of Cambridge loves a wedge heel.

Wedge heels.

The ultimate summer shoe! Year in and year out they never really go out of fashion because they are more of a classic style item. The great thing about these shoes is not only do they go with everything, they are also comfortable. Win win!

*Photo Source: popsugar.co.uk

STYLISH: Kate Moss has an extensive collection of classic trousers.

Trousers / chinos.

I love a nice and stylish pair of trousers. Not shapeless, ugly turn ups like you wore in school, I mean a great pair that are cut well to suit your shape and go well with a shirt or tee and fab pair of pumps to make you look effortlessly stylish. Grey look great and a pattern such as dogtooth are a good investment too.

*Photo Source: elleuk

CLASSIC: Alexa Chung loves flat shoes.


Flat shoes are a great investment too, classic black or nude ballet pumps are a wardrobe must! Treat yourself and invest in a great pair that won't fall apart after five minutes. If you don't like ballet pumps,  there are alot of flats out there which are classic. Find a pair which suits you best.

*Photo Source: telegraph.co.uk

EFFORTLESS: Queen of style Sarah Jessica Parker.


These are a great investment because they come and go in and out of fashion all of the time. Long leg or short, buy the style which makes you feel most comfortable. I am 29 and have already bought three pairs in my adult life, this current pair I bought last spring are definitely keepers. Wear with a vest top, long sleeves, flats or converse - the options are endless! While you're at it, denim shorts and a dungaree dress are good investments too!

*Photo Source: glamourmagazine.co.uk


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