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Friday, 4 July 2014

Lately: Life Update.

Firstly, I just want to say I big SORRYYYYYY that for the last few weeks - actually months - I have seriously lacked in online presence. I have hardly tweeted or blogged and have kind of dropped off of the planet in some ways resulting in everyone forgetting who I am.

I don't know why but I really haven't 'felt it' lately. I have felt as though when it comes to writing my brain can't function and I have lost all ability to convey what I want to say and how I want to say it. I didn't want to blog just for the sake of it when I wasn't feeling inspired to do so, I wanted to wait until it came back and I was ready and raring to go once again. This is the longest I have gone without blogging, it's crazy! I feel like it has been forever and that I have missed the window and it has been too long. I hate that feeling! I love blogging and love getting comments on my posts, I love taking part in the blogger chats on Twitter and meeting other like minded people and I love watching my blog grow. I hate that I have neglected it lately.

Truth be told, firstly; I have had a husband training for the London to Paris bike ride - which he is currently partaking in - so that means sometimes my evenings as well as my days are taken up with looking after baby. I have also thrown myself into healthy eating and exercise which I am actually enjoying (well the exercise, I always like eating well) I get down about my body sometimes, which I know a lot of women and new mums do and I hate myself for feeling it because my body has gone through a massive thing! It looks pretty good too despite how big I got and how much Savannah weighed but you know what it's like, you wanna fit into your skinny jeans and look slinky again. I want to change my way of thinking about body image and lifestyle now though, I want to exercise and eat well so it rubs off on Savannah. Hubby is so into his bike riding now that he wants to join a cycle club when he gets back from Paris and that's such a great hobby to have and a great example to set for Savannah and I want to be the same. I have enjoyed my work outs so far and am slowly seeing results - I like that it is slow because it is little steps that make up big (long term) results.

As for healthy eating, well, it really seems to be sinking in more than ever! I enjoy eating healthy normally anyway but enjoy eating crap too however lately that seems to be changing. I opt for healthy eating over bad eating a lot more nowadays. For example: I had a couple of vinos with my besties last Friday eve - not many as I would never cope with baby and a hangover - just enough to know I had had a drink the next day and we went for breakfast as we normally would but I really couldn't face a big greasy full English despite being starving! Instead I opted for poached egg on wholemeal toast and (because I fancied it) two hash browns on the side which were just the right amount of stodge. Hubby however, did have a full English and said he regretted it all day.

Lastly, we have been scrimping and saving and budgeting - it really isn't easy! Actually living to a budget! But it has made me realise that we do spend a lot of money willy nilly and that's stupid! We still treat ourselves but in moderation. We know how much we can spare now and how we can treat ourselves and how much we can spend. We are also building up our money to be a bit more comfortable, a bit more organised and for the future. We also want to set money aside for when Savannah is that bit older and wants to go on days out.

So that's it really! Pretty boring and sensible and grown up - I apologise! I have had my head elsewhere though and wanted to explain that so people didn't think I had just fallen out of love with blogging or had given it up. I am back and have organised my days and evenings better now so that I am able to fit in the important things in life; blogging being one of them.

I hope all my lovely readers and followers are well! I am glad to be back!

Nicki xxxx


  1. Glad to have you back! I think sometimes a little break from blogging is good for re-finding your inspiration, and I definitely agree that no posts is better than half-hearted ones x

    1. Ahhh thanks hun! Nice to be back! Glad you agree, I think it is definitely best not to write when you don't feel like it. xx

  2. Recently discovered ur blog & have had hrs of entertainment from reading ur old posts so it's nice to know they'll be new ones coming :) xoxo


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