Monday, 11 August 2014

LIFE | What I love about 2014 so far.

1) Having my baby girl and being a mummy.
2) This fab summer weather we are having! :)
3) Being at home and able to do more stuff to the house and garden and make it look nicer.
4) Having lots of BBQ's.
5) Seeing friends and family.
6) Going for long walks.
7) Laughing lots.
8) Spa weekend with hubby.
9) Watching Savannah grow and change all the time.
10) Sitting in the garden at night with a drink or food (or both!) and enjoying the summer evenings.
11) Exercising.
12) That I have already seen my brother lots this year.
13) Whatsapp group conversations with the besties.
14) Having more time to plan my blog posts and promote my work (well, sometimes!)
15) Photos.
16) Laughing.
17) Seeing my hubby complete his amazing charity challenges.
18) Doing the odd creative project.
19) Cooking new and yummy meals.
20) WINE.

Happy Monday All :)

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