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Saturday, 9 August 2014

LIFE | The worst day.

Friday was shit. Sorry, but it was.

You know when you suddenly have a turn of luck and wonder what karma has against you all of a sudden?! THAT was Friday.

It had started off pretty normal, in fact quite good and productive. I had managed to get a lot of washing done, housework etc. (Yes *yawn* the boring housewife stuff but I get very pleased on the days I am on top of everything that needs doing). In the afternoon Savannah and me had a shopping date with my mother in law to look forward to. Friday was gonna be a good day.

"Uh - uh, I don't think soooo." - Karma

I opened up the boot to put the buggy in and then unlocked the doors to then put my bag and other bits in before finally putting baby in.

'Hold on a minute.' I thought. 'Why is the glove box open?'

At that moment all sorts went through my head. The first thought was logical - hubby must have wanted the sat nav, for some reason he needed it and hasn't closed the glove box properly. I called him. Nope, he didn't have it and hadn't been in the car. Then I knew it had been stolen and some one had broken into our car. There was other stuff strewn around the car to prove it too when I looked, I knew I hadn't left it like this. Then my heart sank. MY IPOD! I checked the centre console where I plug it in and yup, it was gone.

'Stupid stupid stupid stupid woman!! Why did you leave it in there?!'

I was devastated. I know it sounds stupid but my ipod is my most favourite gadget; I love music and listen to my ipod doing the housework and in the car, when friends come over - any time I can really. Not only that, this one had been bought as a gift for me from my brother and his girlfriend before we went away to Kos to get married three years ago. How dare someone take it? Even if I wasn't bothered about my ipod it was still MINE bought with hard earned money.

I did keep telling myself that it could have been worse and they were just 'things' items that could be replaced. At least I still have my songs on itunes, at least there wasn't more stuff left in the car, at least it isn't damaged - otherwise you would drive yourself mad.

What annoyed me most are twofold; firstly that I was stupid enough to leave my ipod in the car in the first place, sadly we aren't the first car in our little cul de sac to be broken into. I should have been more vigilent, with the sat nav too but the sad fact is we forgot it was in there. I can picture their smug smile at finding my stupidity had rewarded their grubby efforts and I feel sick and angry.

Secondly,  hubbys charity pots (empty) were in the back with what he is doing and who he is raising money for written all over them. Proof enough that we are decent people, we raise money for charity and help others and this person is stealing our stuff. It makes me wonder if - for a second - there was a pang of guilt. I really doubt it though.

After that bombshell, the day just downspiralled. It truly was 'one of those days', I still went out with my mother in law but got absolutely drenched in a downpour while trying to get back to the car. Both of us looked as though we had showered with our clothes on, before that however a charming child had pushed a trolly into the path of the car while I was looking for a parking space, narrowly missing hitting the front.

Poor hubby fell over at work and cut his arm and also smashed his phone screen. Overall it was a pretty pants day. I didn't sleep well either, I am not sure why as in the great scheme of things we got off lightly. The car isn't damaged because you can apparantly download apps to your phone to unlock cars. 

Yep, a PHONE. 

Police have still taken details and fingerprints etc in the hope they slipped up. I doubt it though.

I needed to rant but also wanted to say to everyone to be vigilant and be careful. If people can unlock your central locking with their phone there isn't anything you can do except not leave anything in your car for them to take. Make their efforts go unrewarded. You might not be having car crime in your street right now but that could change and someone has to be the first victim. No area is safe. We live in a quiet street in a nice area where we all know eachother and keep an eye out but it still happened. Don't think it won't happen to you. Don't be paranoid of course just always take things out of your car just in case.

Be smart.


  1. Awe sounds like a crap day, sorry you had one! I've had an iPod stolen from my glove compartment years ago before I got an iPhone, so I know the devastation! I don't even think I had a back up for the music.

    Yes making sure you take everything out is key! My fiancé found out the hard way with my snowboard gear too a couple years ago. He took both our stuff on a boarding trip, left mine in the car because he was too tired to drag it in. Stole every last piece he left in there. On the plus side he bought me a brand new outfit that I'm in love with... I'm always trying to look on the bright side though :)


    1. Horrible isn't it? I think what is worse is people thinking they have the right to steal YOUR items. How dare they? Sorry to hear you have had such bad luck with theft yourself!

      It pays to be careful!



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