Wednesday, 27 August 2014

REVIEW | Dormeo Memory Matress and Quillow.

Dormeo, Quillow, Blog Review

Dormeo, Quillow, Blog Review

Dormeo, Quillow, Blog Review,

Have you ever heard of a Quillow? No? Neither had I, but it is such a clever little concept and a really handy item to have on the sofa or even in the car for long journeys. It is a quilt which folds into a pillow! When mine arrived to review courtesy of Dormeo I loved how smart it looked as a pillow, I'm not quite sure what I was expecting but as I certainly lack in folding skills I was a bit sceptical.

The one I was kindly sent to review is cashmere and oh so comfortable, despite having lots of cushions on our sofa we seem so opt for resting on the Quillow. It is also a good size and sits on the arm of our sofa with our neatly folded up (courtesy of hubby) winter blankets ready for it's nightly snuggles. I am tempted to have it in the car later down the line for littlun when we go on long car journeys which we do a lot with my mother in law being in Holland and my brother being in Liverpool. I dunno though..... it seems too nice to be in the car! It would be practical for that though.

It is the perfect quilt too, snugly and warm. I was a bit nervous about taking it apart as I thought it would be impossible to put back together but it is sewn together at one end creating a pocket for you to be able to fold the quilt back up and stuff it back in with ease.I tuck my feet in the pocket so there is no chance of them getting cold then cover myself up with the rest of it. Perfect!

The second item I was sent to review was a Silver king size memory foam mattress with a medium memory setting. It was soft and comfy; as I lay on it I felt it mould to my body which made me feel really supported. I love memory foam mattresses and don't think I would settle for anything else now. This mattress has a 15 year guarantee and is named 'Silver' because it is actually made with silver fibres. Silver is said to be a natural antibiotic and not only will you have great support it also has anti - bacterial and anti - odour properties.

Overall, I was extremely happy and impressed with my items. If you would like to know more about Dormeo, be sure to have a look at their website, they are currently having a summer sale!

N.B. The Quillow IS coming away with me when we drive to Holland at the end of the month! It will be needed on the journey.

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  1. This is a genius idea! As somebody who spends a lot of time in bed because of ill health, this is definitely something I'd be interested in buying. It's like two for one, but just one, whilst being two... if that makes any sense?! Haha. It was so lovely talking to you during the chat, looking forward to reading more from you! :)

    Hayley-Eszti |

    1. So lovely meetjng you too hun! Hope we chat lots more :)

      The quillow is awesome isnt it! Will defo be seeing me thru the cold weather. Xx

  2. I am impressed with the antibacterial and anti-odour properties. That would work well for me as I am always ill in winter…

    1. I was impressed with that too. We all know beds can be unhygenic etc. It defo helps! Xx


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