Sunday, 31 August 2014

WORK | Monday.

Where does the weekend go? Sometimes it feels like it has only just got going and then it's over.

Here it is again; MONDAY.

You peel the covers back and groan as you hit your alarm and realise it is that time of the week again, next weekend seems so far away and you haven't even got out of bed yet but already you want to be back in it going to sleep again.


Yeah Monday sucks.... yeah we all have aspects of the working week we don't want to have to endure whether it is the weird guy who talks endlessly about his interesting life which you can't help but find mind numbingly dull, a presentation, an important conference call, a ton of paperwork you left on your desk Friday when you realised it was wine o'clock, the list is endless. We all have those things we hate. But when you wake up in the morning, smile and remember your fun weekend. Remember the nice things you buy with your wages and the good times your hard work has paid for. It will make you feel a little bit better. Think of the times that make you laugh or the people you love. Most importantly of all - SMILE.

Tackle that mountain of paperwork, answer those emails about the presentation and wow during your conference call. Get Monday done and dusted.

Yeah it would be great to not have to go to work and be a lady of leisure or to have an extra hour or so I bed but tough shit you haven't so get up, put your lippy on and an amazing outfit and make yourself feel fabulous.

Then your day will be amazing and fabulous.

Happy Monday.


  1. Oh man did I need this today! It's always worth remembering that life really ain't that bad and kicking your ass back in to gear!

    1. Haha glad it helped! That Monday feeling is horrible but if we think a bit more positive and feel a bit happier hopefully its more managable! Xx


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