Monday, 4 August 2014

WW1 | Remembering them.

Last night between 10pm - 11pm it was asked that everyone in the UK turned off their lights and lit a single candle to mark the centenary anniversary of the time England joined the first world war. 

If you did join in, you were recreating the exact thing that our country was doing at that moment 100 years ago when it was officially announced that war was declared on Germany at 11.05pm. As much as it is just a moment in time, it is so significant to our history and that war (as well as the second world war) shaped the world we now live in today. Taking a few minutes to partake in lighting a candle, turning off the lights and sparing a thought for all of those men and boys who fought is something we will never do like this in our lifetime again. The centenary anniversary is a one off.

I hope that if you were unable to light a candle and take a moment to remember, you will do so tonight.

We are lucky to have the lives that we do today and it is because of those brave men that we live the lives we do.

Remember them.

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