Monday, 8 September 2014

CELEBRITY | Kelly Brook rolling with the punches.

After her interview on 'This Morning' to promote her new autobiography on 8th September, Kelly Brook sparked quite an outrage on Twitter after making light of the fact she once punched previous lovers Jason Statham and Danny Cipriani in a jealous rage during both relationships.

What also caused outrage was that both TV presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield laughed along with her. Brook's reasoning behind it 'being ok' was that she is a woman and they're a lot bigger than her.

I am sure lots of people have many different opinions on this but I would like to point out that right now there are many men in abusive relationships and who are terrified whether their abusers are smaller than them or not. Sometimes I am sure it takes EVEN MORE strength for a man than it does for a woman to break free from the abuse so to see it be laughed at on national television in 2014 is horrendous. Any man watching and searching for hope could have been put off forever for fear of being laughed at just as Brook laughed about her behaviour.

Abuse is abuse. I am not saying Kelly Brook is an abuser but I am saying the whole interview could have been conducted a hell of a lot better than it was and if the presenters didn't want to raise the subject as a serious matter then it shouldn't have been raised at all.

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