Wednesday, 24 September 2014

LIFE | Be yourself.

Never be ashamed to be who you are. Don't let those around you dull your star or make you feel ashamed of the things you love or that make you laugh, bring out your passion or drive you.

People are just people; no one is any better than you or a lesser person than you no matter what social standing they have, no matter what their pay packet or the way they like to spend their leisure time. No other human being should intimidate you or make you feel nervous, they are just flesh and bone under their clothes like you whether their clothes are from Prada or Primark.

The bigger person doesn't tell you what you like or enjoy is wrong but wants to hear about the stuff you do like.

You are beautiful, you are unique, you are special and that is what makes the world go around. How boring would it be if we all looked the same? Liked the same things? Laughed at the same things?

If you are covered in tattoos so what? Like bright clothes? Fab! Like to laugh and make the best of every day? That's brilliant....even if you like to be pesimistic, it won't make you feel good but it is up to you!

Every day is a gift and it is best spent doing what makes you happy. Surround yourself with the people you love, who love you and who make you happy. Don't waste time on negative people, you can't please everyone and sadly there are people out there who love creating dramas and problems. Don't let those people into your life.

Don't compare yourself to others, you are not the same as them. So what if their arms look nicer than yours (they don't they are just different arms) so what if their lips are different or you wish your hair looked like that girls over there. Look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself your redeeming features. Don't point out your flaws.

Your beautiful smile.
Your perfect teeth.
You're a wonderful parent.
A loyal and amazing friend.
You are good at your job.
You have a wonderful family.
You are a great cook.
You have great friends.

See how most of those weren't physical? After all who would want to look perfect and stunning but have no one to share it with?

Things in life happen. If you can't control it or change it just let it go. Don't stress about it or spend sleepless nights worrying about it.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
-Oscar Wilde


  1. Great post Nicki, you are so right that people are just people. We are all the same! I can be my own worst enemy for thinking negatively about myself, or worrying what people think. I'll remember this post next time I do :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. Definitely do! It is hard to hold your head high sometimes for one reason or another but when you strip everything back to it's simplicity, we are all human and no one is better than anyone else. I find thinking this way really helps when you feel crap about yourself! Most importantly though is letting go of the things you can't control and accepting that sometimes haters gon' hate!


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