Wednesday, 17 September 2014

LIFE | Girls night out.

These days girls nights out for me are quite rare, therefore they are much more precious. I love my life as a wife and mother and wouldn't change it for the world but sometimes I need to put nice clothes on (and not worry about getting covered in baby sick) do my hair, put on some bright lippy and go be a grown up with my friends (well as grown up as I can be).

My two besties and drinking companions are the best company anywhere at any time but I do love when we go out for a few vinos. We can have serious chats, silly chats, inspirational chats, whatever! But we always have a great time. We usually start the night by offloading and catching up a little bit and by the third glass we are laughing, joking and messing around. A little bit later I normally trip up (even in flats) and one of the girls is running down the road with glee at the prospect of a dirty kebab.

We had a night out the other week and it was such a good laugh, I felt BEYOND rough the next day and was a pretty useless human but it was all worth it. Our next outing is a bit more civilised, we have dinner plans just after my 30th as I have decided - after so much thought - to keep my celebrations low key. I kind of decided I didn't want to get boozey and feel and look shit for my first couple of days in a new decade, instead I want to feel and look fabulous.

And fabulous does not happen after a well deserved night out with the girls.....!

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