Friday, 19 September 2014

QUOTE | You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé.

Ah thanks for that quotey, I was under the impression that our friends across the Atlantic may have less hours in a day due to their being in a different time zone an' all. Now I know I was just being stupid. Silly me.

Does any one else hate seeing this quote EVERYWHERE or is it just me?

The great thing about the internet and phone apps such as Pinterest is that you can find endless quotes on anything and everything you desire and a lot of them are great and can change how you think about things or lift your mood or whatever but there are some that are just stupid. This being one of them.

Yes, I do have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé Knowles or Beyoncé Z or whatever she is called but I am just missing some other small key elements to get as much crammed into my 24 hours as her......

Nannies on tap.
Chefs on tap.
Dieticians on tap.
Personal trainers on tap.
Hair stylists on tap.
Make up artists on tap.
Dentists on tap.
Beauticians on tap.
Cars on tap.
Cleaners on tap.
PA's on tap.
Security on tap.
Private plane.
Home gym.
Home swimming pool.
Home cinema.
Home jacuzzi.
Diamond encrusted eyemask.
Free clothes.
Free shoes.
Free food and champagne.
Free cars.
Free gadgets.
Shops being shut down just for me to shop stress free (and money free a lot of the time).
Paperwork being dealt with for me.
Phone calls being made for me.
Babies bums being changed for me.
Shoes being fastened for me.
Food being eaten for me.
Someone singing me to sleep.
Air being breathed for me.

But other than that yeah, I totally relate to that quote.

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