Thursday, 2 October 2014


Now that it is October it marks a very significant time in my life and that is the crossing over into another decade. Scary as it sounds (maybe just to me) I am going to turn THIRTY! Waaaah.

I have always hated numbers, even back in school I hated maths and now numbers are ganging up on me and getting ugly!

I know to some it sounds way OTT for me to be bothered about this milestone birthday but I can't help it, I just am! I really can't explain why. I am hugely sentimental so it could be the thought of leaving my twenties behind or it could be because time is flying by and it feels like I should be turning 23 not 30 or maybe just because 30 sounds so grown up and I don't consider myself a grown up in the slightest (which I know for a fact nobody does no matter what age they are). I guess I feel I should be more responsible now, make less mistakes and all that which sounds scary! Or maybe it is simply a vanity thing and I don't want to get older? Who knows. The thing is deep down when I think about it I am extremely grateful for the life I lead upon turning 30. I love my husband very much, more as time goes on and love our baby girl and am blessed to have her. I love our house and where we live and have great family and friends around me, so what if I am a bit older? Or a new decade older?

I am going to very much enjoy the last couple of weeks in my twenties and make them count (not sure how but I will!) and then enjoy turning 30 by celebrating as much as possible.

(Who am I kidding? I am still as scared as I was at the beginning of writing this post!)

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