Wednesday, 1 October 2014

CHARITY | MacMillan Coffee Morning 26th September 2014.

macmillan, coffee morning, nicki kinickie, blog

macmillan, coffee morning, nicki kinickie, blog

Last Friday I held my first ever coffee morning in aid of raising money for Macmillan. Unless you don't own a telly I am pretty sure you will have seen the ads promoting the event in the run up to the official day which is 26th Spetember (although of course you can host it on another date which suits you).

You are sent a great coffee morning pack with balloons, a money box and donation sheet, games, recipe ideas and lots more to ensure you have a great morning.

I was quite anxious - as I always am when 'hosting' - but it went so well! It was 10am - 1pm and I spent most of that running around making sure everyone was ok, had drinks and cake etc. but loved every minute of it. Everyone who popped by had a great time and I managed to raise £105!! Crazy to think I can raise that kind of money in my own house just by asking people over for cake.

BIG thanks to all who came and donated.

BIG thanks to my mum and great aunt for helping out by baking cakes so I didn't have to do them all myself!

I think it is a great way to raise money and would certainly have one again next year. I hope everyone else who took part wherever you are had a great time, ate yummy cake and raised a bit of dosh!

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