Monday, 6 October 2014

LIFE | Baby bores.

This post may be seen as a bit controversial by some, firstly I would like to start with a disclaimer that I am not moaning about parent / mummy / daddy bloggers who's writing and social media accounts revolve around kiddy talk. I am also not moaning about those parents who post occassional photos of their little bundles now and then either. I am whinging about the serial offenders, who post photo after photo after photo of their children, constantly talk their kids and update you via social media of their every little movement...bowel, mouth and everything:

'Awww so and so just laughed at me when I blew a raspberry...'
'Littlun is eating a banana.'
'Baby has done three poo's today when she only ever does two.'
'My little girl must be pooped, she only naps for 23 minutes and has now been asleep for 24....'


I love my baby daughter with everything that I am, just thinking of her makes my heart swell in my chest and I miss her like mad when she goes and stays at nanny's for a night. The faces she pulls and noises she makes tickle me and I love everything she does but that is because I am her mother. To me, every new thing she achieves or does no matter how small is fascinating and I will tell her Dad the little things or send him photos of her now and then to brighten his working day. Other family members or friends with kids too, if we are talking about them but that's it - and it isn't the WHOLE conversation either. I love talking about children but I am still an adult and still my own person who has a life outside of being a mother. I am a wife, daughter, sister, friend, blogger, food enthusiast, arty farty person, history geek, massive music fan....and so on and so forth. I do not need to post endless photos of my baby onto social media to show I love her, and no offence but I really don't care what your child is doing so I know you won't give a shit what mine is doing either!

I love the parent blogs I read and if I am honest, they are a bit of a lifeline too - they are full of great advice and tips and words of comfort when you feel like a bad mum or feel guilty over something (which you do every day I think!) Most of all, you feel part of a community and I have chosen to follow these blogs because I like their content. One of my favourite ever blogs ( is by a mother and regularly features posts about her gorgeous son, motherhood, single parent-dom (is that a word?) which I thoroughly enjoy. 

While we are on this subject, I also don't like the mums who go on and on about how wonderful their kids are and go on about every milestone their child reaches and then question your childs abilities if they haven't reached the same milestone.

'Your child isn't crawling yet? Really? Oh....'

Yes you're right I should be worried given the amount of adults we see on a daily basis crawling to work having never learnt to walk.

Bore off.

Is this just me?


  1. Hahaha! GO YOU! I'm glad someone said it! I've been thinking this for ages, but as I'm not a parent yet I kind of felt I shouldn't say anything, it's their thing and it could come across like I just don't understand their situation etc. But reading this made me realise it's not whether you are a parent or not, NO ONE needs to know if little Zachariah has done 3 poops or slept for 34 minutes today, and we don't need to see 100 photos per day either! I completely agree and have unfollowed a few of the main offenders, I have to admit!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. So glad u agree!! I would never want to offend anyone but too much of anything on social media gets annoying doesnt it?! Its just unfortunate that most of the time it involved children whether its a status (or 1 of 14 a day) or umpteen photos!! Haha. Glad its not just me! Xx


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