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I know that I wrote a post like this last year, and the year before and I also know that I will write a post like this next year and the year after and every Autumn until I cease blogging because I can't help it. I just bloody love Autumn!

I know people moan so much about our weather but it is one of the things I love about our country; we have four very different seasons which decipher the time of year. Were you to suddenly sleep for months and wake up not knowing what day or month it was you could most probably look out of the window and determine the season by looking at the trees and skies.

Summer is a glorious time of year, the warmth and the long evenings, the simple clothes and the long days out followed by evenings dossing outside. BBQ's! I am gonna miss them (in fact I think we need to have one last one before it is officially Autumn). I have been very lucky because this summer has been very hot and beautiful and I have been off of work to enjoy it. I have been able to sit in the garden or go for gorgeous long walks and enjoy the smell of the hot summer air. We have had lots of lovely BBQ's or dinners al fresco, it has been wonderful.

Despite that, I am looking forward to fall, now we are in October I feel like we can really say it is Autumn. Despite still having some warm days - which are very welcome - there has been the odd morning I have woken up and through the ajar bedroom window smelt the smokey smell of autumn wafting in. There has also been the odd morning putting washing out where the sun has been hot on my shoulders but the air cold and crisp. I love that feeling!

Autumn for me kicks off on 14th September when we celebrate our wedding anniversary (the video of which you can watch on my YouTube channel) then in October we have my stepdads, mine and my dad's birthdays finished off with Halloween at the end of the month, quickly succeeded by Bonfire Night on 5th November and then the countdown to Christmas. It is so magical. I don't care if you hate Christmas and the build up, I love it! I forward plan and forward buy presents, I stick money away where it isn't missed so we aren't panicking about being skint come the festive season plus we have strict budgets which are the same for every person. I love the decorations and the twinkly lights and can't wait to dress up the house this year. Because it is Savannah's first christmas I want to go all out (I think more for me than her seeing as she won't know what's going on!)

I want to do the same with Halloween too really. Put a few decorations up and a pumpkin on the doorstep so trick or treaters know they can knock. I also want to get a little outfit for Savannah and maybe mark it by having a couple of people over for some games and food.

I know it gets cold and that can be a bit miserable and yes the dark nights are a bit depressing but there are so many amazing coats out there to keep you warm that you will be wanting it to be bitter and to me, the only way to enjoy cold, dark nights are lots of stinky candles burning, the fire on, enjoying a hot chocolate and good film. When else can you do that? not in the height of summer that's for sure!

If that doesn't convince you then just remember, we get an extra hour in bed come the end of the month!

Do you love Autumn?

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