Monday, 20 October 2014

MIND THE GAP | Don't get trapped in the tube doors!

The other week I was attending a wedding reception up town and making the journey by train with my husband and sister in law. We needed to get the tube to Vauxhall and as we arrived at the tube station, saw one at the platform. We rushed to catch it; hubby and sister in law darted onto one cattle cart and I went for another which was nearer to me. Unfortunately in a panic I hadn't heard the warning that the doors were closing and BAM! The electronic door closed on me crushing my left shoulder. I cringed as I heard a woman in the platform yelp, seconds later the door reopened and I got on leaving my dignity on the platform. The annoying thing? As the train pulled away my sister in law came to the door and watched me having got off with my husband when they realised I wasn't with them.

Anyway, the night went on and all was fine. We had a good time with family and laughed at how much of a nob I was for managing to get caught in the tube in the first place. Ha ha ha yes very funny. (Sarc)

However, after a week of it being 'a bit tender' it suddenly hit me: IMMENSE PAIN. Constant pain. Unbearable pain. Oh my life, I have never felt anything like it before! It was awful. I couldn't sleep and painkillers would only work after I had taken a bucket load of strong-uns. I knew I hadn't broken my shoulder as I could move and lift my arm but I had to find out if I had done any other damage (and get some strong drugs) so I went to the doctors and found out that I have severely damaged my shoulder muscle so need to do some gentle exercises and take anti inflammatory tablets. That night I STILL couldn't sleep for the pain so we went to a&e - more than anything just for some pain relief. I am glad I went though because the nurse was a bit more thorough than the doctor was in her explanation of what and where I had injured as well as how to relieve the pain and how to exercise it. I need to keep an eye on it because if it doesn't heal I will need physio but it is soooo much better and I can sleep well again now. Yay! (I hate disturbed sleep!) It still hurts but nowhere near as much as last week. I felt sick with pain.

Moral of the story? When the dude tells you to 'MIND THE GAP' you mind that mother fudging gap.


  1. Oh no, poor you! But the way you tell stories I can't help but laugh a bit! Hope it gets better soon.x

    1. Haha, you have to laugh at it really! Thank you :) xx


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