Wednesday, 22 October 2014

YOUTUBE | Zoella's pop up shop at Westfield, Stratford.

Zoella is interviewed at Westfield shopping centre on 18th October
Zoella is interviews by Heat magazine's Lucie Cave.
Zoella on stage.

On the weekend of the 18th / 19th Ocotber, Zoe Sugg - better known as Zoella - was at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford giving out fashion and beauty advice as well as answering questions on the subject. It was all to promote her pop up shop in which Zoe had picked out her favourite clothing items and beauty products from the shops at Westfield for people to have a look over (and then dart quick fast to the shops chosen to buy all the pretty things!).

She picked out a great mustard boyfriend coat from Oasis which I loved but sadly was sold out when I got there, she also picked out some cute loafer style pumps from the Miss KG range at Kurt Geiger as well as the old favourite of many - including me - 'Snow Fairy' from Lush (can't believe I came away without buying some actually!!).

She came across just as lovely and down to earth as she does in her YouTube videos and looked stylish in a white peplum knee length skirt and long sleeved black top whilst being interviewed by Heat magazines editor in chief Lucie Cave. She admitted she liked her long hair but sometimes thinks about cutting it off however is too scarred from a childhood memory of cutting her long hair off and leaving it looking pretty bad! She also said she loves mustard colours for autumn and winter as well as monochrome colours like the ensemble she was wearing and that you can't beat a nice long hot bath in these colder months too. Amen!

A lot of people turned up to see her and she got a huge round of applause when she first came out, proving how this new wave of celebrity is taking the world by storm! One fan had been waiting since 7.30am to see her and for that Zoe gave her a gift bag from her new beauty range as a big thank you. 

The camera crew sets up ready to film Zoella's interview.
Hundreds of fans gathered to see their favourite you tuber.
Zoe's pop up shop in which she picked out her favourite fashion and
beauty items from Westfield's array of shops.
Zoe Sugg.

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