Friday, 19 December 2014

LIFE | First Christmas as a mum.

Hi guys, excuse another long break between posts - I will explain more about my break from the social media / blogging world in 2015 when I plan to come back with a BANG.

Are you excited? 
Are yaaa?

Anyway, Christmas day is almost upon us and I have been SO unorganised this year! I normally have all the presents bought in November to avoid the stress and worry and the busy shops but this year it all went to pot! Finally though I have finished our christmas shopping and all I have to do is wrap. (Yo) I am a bit miffed by how unorganised it has all been as it means I haven't enjoyed the build up as much as I usually would but hey ho, we are sorted now!

One set of pressies I did buy in plenty of time was for a special little lady who will be celebrating her first Christmas this year, my bubba Savannah. I truly cannot believe it is Christmas next week and she is now 9 months old, it doesn't seem possible at all. I feel like it was only a few weeks ago she was a little wrinkly, pink faced bundle. Now she is almost a toddler, very nearly walking and always laughing, chatting, waving, dancing and causing mischief.

Now the rest of the pressies are bought I can look forward to the final countdown to the big day and look forward even more to Savannah's first christmas day. We have family coming to ours for dinner so she will have a lovely busy day with lots of fun, lots of family and lots of presents. I cant wait!

My hubby packs up work for two weeks today and we plan on watching festive films up until the big day to get us even more in the mood. Perfick! In a way the timing has all worked out perfectly as we are all organised just in time for hubby to finish work for 2014 and therefore enjoy next weeks build up altogether as a family. 

Tomorrow is christmas food shopping day with mum - I am kind of excited about and dreading it - I feel as though it is going to be stupidly busy! Think I am going to film a christmas build up vlog as of tomorrow too.....

I am still unsure what to wear christmas day, I may do a YouTube video and ask for your help! If I get time.... and if anyone is interested?

What is everyone planning on wearing?

Have a wonderful christmas everyone! Let me know what your plans are! Would love to hear. Xx


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    1. Sorry Jo, hope you had a lovely Christmas! happy new year xx

  2. Wow, savannah is 9 months old already, thats crazy! Bet she's the cutest.

    1. I know, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! I am biased but yes, she is by far the cutest baby! hehe :) Happy new year Kylie xxx


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