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BLOG | My goals for 2015.

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I really want to improve my skills as both a blogger and a social media um, person. I don't think I have really stepped up my game properly since beginning blogging, I have always just focused on content. Not a bad thing of course but the content of the blog is not the whole package. What's the point in writing amazing posts (and they are) that you are super proud of and have worked super duper hard on only for no one to read them?

So, here are my blog goals for 2015:

1) Organise my posts a lot better:
Being a parent means I have to fit it in when I can now , not whenever I want. So I need to pencil down ideas a lot more, I need to write them up, edit them and schedule them in advance and I need to do these on set evenings in the week and I need a timetable!

2) Improve my photography skills:
This is a biggy. I reeeeeally need to step up my blog photography game one million per cent. The photos on my blog - at best - are ok. I don't know why I don't take the time to take nicer photos when I am naturally an artistic person. I will endeavour to make sure this is something I work very hard on. I also need to direct my husband more when we are taking outfit shots and we need to spend more time on them. I always hurry through it all because I assume he is either bored or whatever but he knows it means a lot to me and that really we should be more thorough when we take photos.

3) Time to read blogs and interact with other bloggers.
I spend time on Twitter twittering away and tweeting other bloggers, I also spend time snapping on Instagram (another place I need to improve photography) but I just don't.feel I am either doing it right or enough. So, I need to set by time each day firstly to read my blog lists on Bloglovin (and comment! So bad at not commenting!) and set aside another block of time to interact with other bloggers across my social media platforms. This is one thing I really struggle with so if any other bloggers - especially busy / parent bloggers - have tips, I would love to hear them!

4) Stay true to myself and why I blog.
I blog cause I wannaaaa. So I am not going to just take every PR opportunity that drops into my inbox (I don't anyway which is why you don't see lots of PR on my blog) but I am going to be even stricter, it is lovely to be asked to review products or websites or whatever but if it isn't 'me' or doesn't fit in with my blog then I won't take up the opportunity. I will also write any post that takes my fancy whether I feel it is interesting or not, most of the time it is those posts that get the most comments and reads so if I wanna talk about it I am gonna!

What are your blog goals for 2015?

blog goals, getting organised, lbloggers, nicki kinickie
*Photo source: Pinterest.


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