Saturday, 10 January 2015

FASHION | Winter Sale Haul.

Hi guys!

Just a quick post to let you know that this week, I uploaded a sales haul video to my channel. If you haven't seen it already, go have a watch with your Saturday morning cuppa!

I hope you enjoy, be sure to subscribe if you enjoy this and my previous videos.



  1. Oh my word, so many things I like in this haul. First up just want to say how much I LOVE that top you are wearing? Where is that from? The tea dress and the jumpsuit were my particular favourites. I have a New Look sale order & I am toying with doing a vlog! I'm not sure?! Eeeek!

    1. Aw thanks love! I do love a tea dress and am REAAALLLLY hoping the playsuit fits soon if not next weekend. Yes! Do a vlog! Pleeeease! I love hauls. Do it do it doooo it!

      The top I am wearing is from Topshop and was £14 - I think its still available, I only bought it in december. Its cropped so I wear it with high waist jeans or skater skirts - less tum on show! Xx


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