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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

LIFE | Personal wellbeing update.

So I have kinda touched on what my outlook for 2015 is in the sense of wellbeing and positive thinking and all that malarky. I will also touch on my health and fitness routine as time goes on and I get a bit more accustomed to it. Today I want to chat about my personal ups and downs; each day is different, it is only the end of January and I have already had a few blue days where I have wanted to shout at total strangers or just burst into tears for no reason. It never has and never will make sense to me, there is no rhyme or reason for it. I have been perfectly happy lately too so it iust goes to show that my theory is right: just take each day as it comes. Deal with each day as it comes.

I had had THE most amazing day before suddenly feeling down; we had sorted a few money things out, cleared our overdraft (FINALLY) well ahead of the schedule we had set ouselves plus consolidated our other 2 credit cards into a loan which will be paid off in 3 years, the monthly payments of which are £100 less than when we were paying the seperate credit card minimum payments (which was all we could really afford so there was never an end date in sight for when it would be cleared). We were on cloud 9! 2015 had started off perfectly and we were starting our money plan off with a bang so christ knows where the shit mood I woke up with the next day came from.

Anyway, by the end of that day I had had enough of feeling blue and told myself to shake out of it. I think sometimes you need to accept how you feel for a bit and I guess 'wallow' (for want of a better word) in it but most importantly of all be honest with people around you. I told Patrick I felt down and had no idea why and while he was sad I felt that way, he was glad I had actually been honest and not bottled it up and that he knew what was going on.

By the evening I had made myself do some upbeat exercises and it had helped kick the mood  - that and a good nights sleep! My eating and exercise efforts were not as good last week so I am wondering if maybe that affected my mood? Who knows...

I wanted to write this post to remind myself of why I started this new lifestyle and why I started writing about it all. It is hard to be honest with my husband in the privacy of our living room so you can imagine how it feels writing about my thoughts and feelings and being so honest on here. I am literally 'putting myself out there' But it is all therapy for me. It is helping me be more confident and care less what people think, it is giving me a diary to look over when I might need to remember why I am doing this or how far I have come and it is here for anyone else to read who has or is feeling the same. I really hope it helps or brings comfort.

So, onto the good stuff!

My recent positives -

~ We aimed to clear our overdraft by end of March and cleared it by end of January! Hurrah!
~ We sorted our credit card debts and put them into one loan for less a month than we were already paying with an end date on the horizon.
Total monthly savings (inc overdarft fees) - £127 - yay!

~ We are ahead of our monthly savings target already and hoping to continue with being much more money aware, watching every penny.

~ I bought myself some proper exercise clothing which has made me a big GEEK who is now even more excited about exercising and hubby is back on with his cycling every Sunday morning.

~ We had a really lovely weekend away for my hubs 30th birthday and have a couple of days in Liverpool to look forward to soon. 

I smiled just writing those things!

Hope you are all having a good week!

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  1. That is awesome Mrs! Glad you are being more positive, this is one of my main things to focus on this year. Do things that make me happy! I seem to be on cloud 9 at the moment too.
    Lots of love
    Rebecca xxx


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