Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LIFE | Rude People.

What is happening to mankind?

Are we all becoming more and more self absorbed or more angry or more....just.....bloody arrogant? So much so that simple day to day things should be met with a roll of the eyes or a sigh?

I totally get why women with pushchairs barge by now. Pre baby I was always like:

'Why do these bloody women with pushchairs barge about like they own the place?' 

I will tell you why people - BECAUSE OF EVERYONE ELSE.

People are arseholes.

Ok, not all people.

But pretty much most people.

The last couple of shopping trips I have gone on have been both pre Christmas and post Christmas (give or take a week either side of Christmas if you will). On both said occasions I got there first thing and it was not busy at all, even in the run up to the big man in red visiting. I could leisurely pace along the shopping mall and there were no queues at tills. HEAVEN. So when I found myself unable to get through a generously wide aisle in Debenhams because a couple were browsing and obliviously taking up the whole thing I didn't expect it to be a problem when I politely said:

'Excuse me please, can I just get through?'


I had to replay it in my head afterwards and reassure myself that I hadn't actually, accidentally just told them I wanted to kill their goldfish because the blunt response I got was a tut from him and roll of the eyes from her.

I am so sorry, I did not realise that you owned the aisle. I didn't realise that my very walking on your land means I should be licking your boots clean on my way through. I did not realise that my asking you to step forward just one step is such a drudge of a task that I have now just ruined your day and your lives. FOREVER.

It doesn't stop there though; people dash to get around me, popping up suddenly from behind and are then annoyed when I haven't seen them and nearly hit them. People don't open doors for you or worse yet, watch you struggle to open doors with the buggy. People stop in front of you, get hit and then look at you like it is your fault. What happened to manners?

I am not saying everyone must make allowances for me having a pushchair but I, as the pusher of the pushchair, am very aware of the fact that it is a bulky contraption that sometimes gets in the way or sometimes is awkward to get into places or through spaces or whatever. I ALWAYS allow for these facts. I am always aware of people around me and make allowances for them so I want people to do the same for me. Is that too much to ask? I am not one of those pushchair pushers who use them as battering rams and think that they do now have the right of way in the street over everyone else (you know who you are!) so I do not wish to be treated as such.




  1. Oh Nicki (I wrote this ten mins ago, it didn't post and now I have to write it again!!) This made me chuckle & I'm not sure it was meant to make me laugh, ha! I totally understand where you are coming from, people are just so rude. No manners at all. One thing that grinds my gears is when you do hold a door open for someone to barge through & not thank you. GRRRRR!
    Bee xxx

    1. Ooooh yes that is another annoying thing! Just not acknowledging someone and things like that is awful. I didnt even touch on bad / rude drivers! Thats a whole other post! Xxx

  2. Hahaha! Love this, it's not as bad but I have the same issue with suitcases.. It's bad when I'm actually in shock when someone offers to help me.. I'm literally panting and sweating for my life trying to get the thing up the stairs and people just push me out of the way.

    Love a good rant, wish more people could have some mannors!
    We are not asking for much, are we?

    Sam xx

    1. I know! It is just about helping others out isn't it? Male or female it doesnt matter. I habe held doors open for men and women and have helped a man if seen him struggling. I think some people are just oblivious! Xxx

  3. I hear you. People need to be kinder, more tolerant and just flipping nice. It's really not that hard.

    1. No I don't think it is. Manners cost nothing and I was taught good manners so they naturally spill out of me. Simple things like pleases and thank yous are forgotten by some too. Xxx

  4. I couldn't agree with this more! I go to university and two days a week my son goes to the childcare on campus. I get the bus to and from the train station to uni, and the amount of people who will stand in the wheelchair/priority space and just ignore the fact that I have to wake up a sleeping child, fold the pushchair down etc is unbelievable! People can be the worst! xx

    1. I am lucky that I dont need to use public transport and the one time in years that I used a bus over xmas everyone was very thoughtful of the fact I had a buggy. Bet it would be different if I used it every day though! I cant believe how rude that is! Poor you! Juggling education and a bubba is hard work without rude strangers making it even harder. Xxx

  5. I LOVE this! When I walk around shopping centres in constantly thinking this too! I only wish I had the courage to speak up about it! I tend to find most offenders in Primark and avoid these people at all costs! Xx

    1. Oh god yes! Primark shoppers are the worst! I try and control myself now and not say anything but Super rudeness gets a comment. A woman pushed in front of me and the queue of people behind me today... I dont think she realised there was a queue but how hard is it to look around?? Some people are self involved! Xx


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