Monday, 26 January 2015

LIFE | Wellbeing goals for 2015.

1) Smile a lot more, especially when something bad happens.
2) Look in the mirror as often as possible, smile at the girl looking back and tell her she is 'alright'.
3) Go for walks, long walks or quick walks but walks all the same.
4) Work out, keep at it and focus on the mental boost it gives rather than obsessing over weight loss or toning.
5) Spend less time worrying about the housework and even more time enjoying my daughter.
6) Take ten minutes a day minimum to sit in silence, relaxed and calm.
7) Remember every day, the simple things in life I love and who or what make my life so special.
8) Be thankful. Always be thankful.
9) Laugh and be goofy. Who wants to grow up anyway?
10) Drink lots and lots of water every day.
11) Look after my skin more.
12) Make daily schedules, make them achievable and stick to them.
13) Organise myself and my thoughts.
14) Don't listen to bad thoughts about my weight or myself, stop them before they finish their sentence.
15) Bake a cake now and then.
16) Go for family days out.
17) Stretch.
18) Speak to friends and family even more than I do now. Keep being social.
19) Be better with money.
20) Love myself how I want everyone else to love me.

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  1. Great list of goals, Nicki!
    Very inspiring too!


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