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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

FASHION | The All New Customer Lounge at Intu Lakeside.

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,
The new Customer Lounge on the first floor at Intu Lakeside.
Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,
The sofa area complete with TV's and magazines.

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,
Lakesides personal stylist Carlene Noel.

If you are a regular visitor at Intu Lakeside, you will no doubt have noticed that recently it has had a bit of a makeover. I have always loved shopping at Lakeside, despite living within similar distance to a few different shopping destinations, Intu Lakeside has always been my first choice for retail therapy. I like the layout, love the shops and that it feels bright and airy rather than dark. In some shopping malls you are unable to determine whether it is night or day outside because of the lighting! 

With part of the makeover comes the brand new 'Eatery' area on Level 3 (they have a Five Guys AND a Tortilla restaurant people, lets just have a moment to take this in) and also a brand new experience called the 'Customer Lounge'. Now, I didn't know this but Intu Lakeside has always had a personal stylist experience that you, as the customer could take advantage of, did you know that? I think the reason many people may not have been as aware is because it was tucked away on Level 3 where the management work whereas now, the stylist is located in the new sleek and bright customer lounge on the level one by the central atrium.

This facility allows customers to go and relax after a hard day's shopping, watch TV, use the Samsung tablet's provided, charge their phones in a secure charger locker, find local information or book facilities such as hotels or restaurants as well as the stylist experience.

I was lucky enough to go and visit this brand new lounge and meet with Intu Lakesides stylist Carlene Noel who is both professional and really lovely. I can see why this is the perfect job for her; she is approachable, realistic and with experience working at Selfridges, on music videos and for magazine Marie Claire just to name a very few, (she spent about five minutes listing everywhere she has worked and it was IMPRESSIVE!) she knows what she is talking about.

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,

'I love what I do' she says. 'Even if all my client takes away from the experience is a better understanding of their body shape and a little more confidence than when they walked in then I am happy.' 

It is clear to me that for Carlene it isn't just about having a passion for fashion, it runs much deeper than that. She wants to show men and women, old and young alike that they can look and feel amazing whatever their age and shape. It is all about personal style not necessarily about wearing what is bang on trend but, if looking trendy is what you after Carlene will help you find key items that suit and make you look bang up to date.

So what exactly happens in the stylist lounge?

'People come in who have all kinds of different events coming up; proms, weddings or birthdays. I get a lot of women who have recently had kids and have maybe lost a bit of confidence in their bodies because of their change in shape. I understand that feeling more now I have had a child of my own.'

Whether you have a dress and don't know how to accessorise it or a big work event that you want to look great for and don't know what kind of outfit would be suitable or even if you are just looking for a bit of a wardrobe revamp, Carlene is the lady in the know. While visiting the lounge, I got to watch her in action with a returning client who she had helped last year.

Caroline Read, 56, from Orsett had bought a dress for her daughters wedding in Sorrento and was returning this week to buy a bolero to go with it as well as look at shoes and a handbag. She said she found the stylist experience easy and enjoyable and that Carlene was really positive throughout and knew what she was talking about with regards to body shape and the look Caroline was after.

Caroline opted for a 1950's inspired, multi coloured dress called 'Jasmine' from Phase Eight which is coral and pink in colour - perfect for a wedding abroad in May. At the end of her experience yesterday she said:

“I used the Personal Stylist, Carlene’s advice was spot on. I got the whole outfit; dress, jacket, shoes, bag and accessories - a savvy sale. Please, if you have that special occasion and want to look 10 years younger, don’t worry about looking for Nicky Hambleton-Jones, you have it here at Lakeside. Excellent professional service. Go for it girl”

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,

Intu Lakeside, blog, nicki kinickie, review, personal stylist, fashion,

One point Carlene is keen to make is that this service is completely free; there is no minimum spend amount and you do not pay her for her time. How you utilise her service and what you take away from it either emotionally or in the material sense is completely down to you. Carlene has a background in styling men particularly so don't shy away guys if you fancy having a little bit of a make over for 2015!

If you want to try out the service for Valentines day this weekend then Carlene has a few spaces left in her diary for Saturday but hurry! 

EMAIL: personal.stylist@intu.co.uk
LOUNGE: http://intu.co.uk/lakeside/events/new-customer-lounge
WEBSITE: www.intu.co.uk/lakeside
TWITTER: @IntuLakeside


  1. I defo will be using this service for my friend's wedding in October...hopefully by then I will have shed some pounds as well!
    Looks like a great day, was so sad I couldn't make it cause of work.

  2. I always choice buy to shopping lakeside because it's give our short value shopping.So i used lakeside and many benefit for wedding ceremony.you can also visit http://www.artweddings.co.uk.


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