Friday, 13 February 2015

FRIDAY | Weekly Update.

Weight: 9st10lbs
Number of exercise days : 5
Number of clean eating days:5
Number of bad eating days: 2 (eep)

Hello guys and happy Friday to you all! I thought that if I do a little Friday health, wellbeing and fitness update at the end of each week it would help anyone else trying to get in better shape too and also keep me more on track when I am tempted to stuff my face with naughtiness!

I have been much more naughty than I would usually be, we went to the zoo last Saturday and I had an ice cream and Chinese noodles for dinner, then on Tuesday I went to visit the new Stylist Lounge at Lakeside shopping centre and was greeted with a cupcake courtesy of their champagne and cocktail bar and a glass of Prosecco (which I of course didn't turn down, manners and all.)

I have set myself a new rule that I must do at least half an hours exercise a day whether it is a brisk walk, on my husbands bike now it is mounted to his new turbo trainer or one of my videos from YouTube. Most of this week had just involved long brisk walks with Savannah and hi impact fat burning to make up for eating sugar! The walks have been especially enjoyable because I have been crazy busy this week so going for a walk for an hour means I take time out to chill and enjoy time with Savannah and no other distractions.

I also have been using my step - o meter on my phone to see what I do in a typical day, it also spurs me on to do more walking which is always good! 

Tomorrow is Valentines day and we don't really ever do much except have a nice meal. My dad and step mother are coming for dinner tomorrow for a change though which I am looking forward to apart from the oven has broke! So I am a bit limited to what I can cook. I am thinking fajitas as the guacamole and salsa aren't cooked and the peppers and onions can be done on the hob along with the chicken. The only thing I can't do is warm through the tortillas as we don't have microwave either! dag nabbit.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

See you again next week. xx


  1. How annoying that your oven has broke, I hope you still enjoy your meal. Xx

    1. I know! It is only two years old too! Thanks hun. xx


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