Monday, 2 February 2015

LIFE | Hello February!

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It's so strange that it is February already! it feels like it is too soon and yet personally, I also feel as though Christmas was about three months ago rather than just over a month ago. The evenings are already staying lighter slightly longer  - a sure sign that Spring and Summer is on it's merry way! Yippee! - and whenever we have a bright sunny day it makes me smile to remember that soon enough it won't just look warm outside, it will be warm outside.

I always used to be so glad to get January out of the way as it seemed such a long month because of being so broke having failed in my attempts to stretch my wages out that extra two weeks, it is cold, it is dark, Christmas is over and it feels as though there is nothing to look forward to. Yes, I know how sombre I sound! Luckily January isn't so bad for us now because of my hubby's birthday being in the middle of it, we always make sure we do something so there is something to look forward to whether it is a gathering at ours or dinner out.

February is here now though folks, I am sure you have all now been paid and maybe you even let out a shriek when you looked at your bank balance on pay day morning. I am sure many MANY of you burnt a lot of plastic this weekend whether it was shopping or going out (or both!) and I hope you bloody well enjoyed it - January is hard, you deserved it!

I am looking forward to February I must say, I have a few exciting bloggy events coming up to tie in with Valentines day so watch this space (and the space of the internet which is home to my YOUTUBE channel because there will be plenty on there too)

I also have lovely plans to catch up and go out with friends and family as well as a trip to Liverpool at the end of the month to see my brother and his girlfriend and go see Queen and Adam Lambert at the Echo Arena (eeek!)

Also, as scary as it is to write this, next month is Savannah's first birthday! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Where on earth has that year gone? It doesn't seem possible that it is coming up so soon. Every moment really is precious because time flies! We are only going to do something low key with close family, her birthday falls on Mother's Day too so it will be a very nice day for everyone (well Savannah and the mums mainly).

Happy February everyone! Hope you have something exciting to look forward to!

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