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Monday, 16 February 2015

LIFE | Lately...

So it was Valentines day this weekend as I am sure you are well aware whether you celebrate it or not. We don't and never have, I'm not sure why. It just isn't something I buy into, I never have and I think when I first said that to Patrick all those years ago he (and his bank balance) fist pumped the air in agreement.

I did kind of find myself wanting to mark it somehow this weekend though, not in the sense of buying each other presents but perhaps by putting out heart shaped chocs, lighting a few candles and putting up some heart shaped decorations. This is what motherhood does to me you see, every holiday or event in the calender I now want to mark and make special and exciting for Savannah. I dressed the house up for Halloween for the first time last year (I plan on going more and more OTT the older she gets!) I can't wait to make us all pancakes for dinner tomorrow night and don't get me started on birthdays and Christmas.

Valentines isn't a date in the calender for kids but I don't know why, I still feel like it would be nice for Savannah to grow up in a house where it is acknowledged.

Anywhooo, this year it wasn't spent doing anything romantic, my dad and step mum came over for dinner which was lovely as we haven't had them over in a long time. I did open a bottle of bubbly we had in the fridge left over from Patrick's 30th seeing as it was Valentines day and to celebrate me getting my first 'proper' freelance writing job this week. (yay me! I will talk more about that at a later point as it is early days yet).

Annoyingly, our oven broke in the middle of the week which kind of limits dinner ideas but luckily I had planned on making meatballs for dinner as it is nice and easy and they can be made up the night before for convenience. The oven is all fixed now though, phew!

Diet and exercise wise I have been shit. I have eaten my body weight in chocolate and literally gone for a couple of walks with bubba and that's it. Lazy and LAME! I am always like it in my hormonal week, I can't explain it. I literally completely change into a different person. I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, feel lathargic and uninspired and moody as hell. This weeks dark cloud has been particularly bad. Soz hubby!!

I have a big old body fat blitz plan made up for this week to make up for lost time, I don't know what goes on in my body because I really missed exercising yet felt like I just wanted to do nothing. So annoying! A week ago I had got my weight under 10st and was really happy and now I am scared to get on the scales! Ah well....no point whining about it, just gotta do something about it!

That was it for our weekend really, Savannah has her weekly swimming lessons every Sunday afternoon for half hour which she does with her daddy. Patrick is in full swing of training for the London Marathon in April (yep, he is running it again!) He is also cycling a lot more again and bought himself a newer, better bike this weekend which he is being all gushy over (girls, think about when you have bought a new pair of shoes.... just like that).

That's it really!

For me, this week is full of work which is exciting and, as I mentioned above, EXERCISE! My mother in law is visiting at the end of the week which I am looking forward to and on Wednesday evening we are going to Intu Lakeside to try out the Wasabi restaurant there for a review. Oh, and as I have already said - it is pancake day tomorrow!!! What is your favourite pancake topping? depending on my mood I enjoy either nutella, whipped cream and strawberries (gluttony!) lemon and sugar (being kinda naughty) or just strawberries and a drizzle of honey (trying to be good) I am not sure what mood I will be in tomorrow night!

However you eat yours, enjoy!

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