Friday, 20 February 2015

LIFESTYLE | Fitness goals for 2015.

OK, so now that I have bought some proper 'working out' gear I guess it is time to get REALLY serious about getting into shape for 2015. I have been slacking over the last week because I have had a really awful tummy bug (I have never had one before and can safely say I don't want it again any time soon!) but now I am feeling better I am ready to jump straight back into getting into shape.

For me, it isn't just about wanting to be toned or slim any more (although I of course still want that!) it is also about being strong and healthy too.


1) Lose weight...well, body fat.
2) Get in much much much MUCH better shape than I have ever been.
3) Gain strength and improve my fitness.
4) Boost my energy levels.
5) Boost my wellbeing and happiness.
6) Be proud of each and every little little milestone I achieve with this fitness journey as it is going to take time!.
7) Enjoy the exercise and the rush it gives me after I have finished.
8) Try boot camp.....maybe!
9) Blitz my belly (and with it my lifelong hang up) for good!
10) Keep myself inspired and keep remembering why I am doing this.

Most importantly, keep a diary of my progress so I can actually see results on the weeks or months that I think I can't or think I have made no progress.

Have you set yourself any health and fitness goals for 2015?

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